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Minnow on the Say
Philippa Pearce
Minnow on the Say
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It's a great discovery. Right there, at the bottom of the garden, bobbing on the river, is a canoe. The Minnow. David can't help wishing he could keep her . . . The Minnow leads him to Adam, and an extraordinary summer begins. Armed with a mysterious, ancient clue, the two boys set out along the river by boat. They're determined to find the legendary lost treasure, hidden by one of Adam's ancestors hundreds of years before. But they are not the only people
looking for treasure, and soon they are caught in a dangerous race against time . . .

1 Summer Floods
2 Whose Boat?
3 Maiden Voyage
4 Codlings’
5 Scraping and Saving
6 The Portrait in the Hall
7 A Tale of Treasure
8 Over the Bridge
9 A Trip to Tea
10 Folly Mill and a Ball of String
11 One More Try
12 ‘My Wheelbarrow-End’
13 The Old Channel
14 Search by Moonlight
15 Old Mr Codling Laughs
16 John Codling Comes Home
17 The Board at the Gate
18 Pipsqueak
19 A Dead End
20 Mrs Perfect Can’t Quite Remember
21 The Bus to Castleford
22 The Smiths at Home
23 From Cellar to Roof
24 Heigh-ho!
25 Treasure for Tea
26 Never Tell, David!
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