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The Way to Sattin Shore
Philippa Pearce
The Way to Sattin Shore
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Kate never knew her dad, but that doesn't stop her missing him. She often secretly visits the gravestone with his name on it. But when the gravestone disappears Kate has a mystery on her hands. She has to find out what has happened and as she delves deeper into her family's past, she realizes that there are many secrets to uncover and that all the clues point to one place. As Kate races to Sattin Shore her mind is a whirl of emotions: what she finds there will change the shape of her life for ever.

Chapter 1 The Beam of Darkness
Chapter 2 Saturday Morning
Chapter 3 The Jigsaw Puzzle
Chapter 4 Snow
Chapter 5 Gone!
Chapter 6 Other People; other Places
Chapter 7 Nor Cat Nor Rat
Chapter 8 Out of School
Chapter 9 Mrs Randall Climbs the Stairs
Chapter 10 Eyes in the Mirror
Chapter 11 Kate with Anna
Chapter 12 Syrup
Chapter 13 Thirst at Midnight
Chapter 14 Nan
Chapter 15 Kate Goes Back
Chapter 16 The Tale of a Dead Man
Chapter 17 Two Pillows
Chapter 18 Strawberry-picking
Chapter 19 A Statue on the Stairs
Chapter 20 Homecoming
Chapter 21 In the Café
Chapter 22 Along Sattin Shore
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