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Down The Bright Stream
B. B.
Down The Bright Stream
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Dodder, Baldmoney, Cloudberry, and Sneezewort are the last four gnomes in Britain and were first introduced to us in the Carnegie Medal-winning book, The Little Grey Men. In this charming book their story continues and we find them tucked up in their cosy home, next to the Folly, for winter. But when they're awakened from their sleep with the terrible news that the Folly is drying up, they must pack up their belongings and head off in their boat, the Jeanie Deans, to find a new home where they can be safe once again. Along the way they face many dangers and their journey is sometimes perilous and packed with adventure.

1 A Rude Awakening
2 The Exodus
3 The Death of the Folly
4 Plans
5 Mr Shoebottom’s Boy
6 Mr Shoebottom’s Shop
7 Conversation Piece
8 At Bantley Weir
9 Rumbling Mill
10 Squirrel
11 The Salvage Gang
12 Cloudberry Takes a Walk
13 The Raising of the Jeanie Deans
14 Holidays
15 The Anchor Weighs
16 Exit Jeanie Deans
17 Baldmoney Gets to Work
18 Wonderbird
19 The Fire at Mr Brockett’s
20 Wonderbird Tries Her Wings
21 Airborne
22 At the Knockgobbin Light
23 Woodcock’s Island
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