The Little Grey Men

The Little Grey Men

By B. B.
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Book Description

The last four gnomes in Britain live on the banks of the bubbling Folly brook. They are perfectly happy with their quiet life, except, that is, for one . . . Cloudberry. Restless and longing for adventure, Cloudberry sets off to follow his dream. But when he doesn't return, the remaining gnomes must set off on their own adventure to find him. This is the story of the brothers' epic journey in search of Cloudberry and is set against the background of the English
countryside, beginning in spring, continuing through summer, and concluding in autumn, when the first frosts start to arrive. This enchanting tale was the winner of the prestigious Carnegie Medal and features the author's own beautiful illustrations throughout.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Copyright
  • Introduction
  • Contents
  • Chapter 1 Sneezewort, Baldmoney, Dodder, & Co.
  • Chapter 2 The Launching of the Boat
  • Chapter 3 The Start of the Journey
  • Chapter 4 Dodder
  • Chapter 5 Baldmoney and Sneezewort
  • Chapter 6 Trespassers will be Prosecuted!
  • Chapter 7 Crow Wood
  • Chapter 8 Giant Grum
  • Chapter 9 The Gibbet
  • Chapter 10 The Gathering of the Wood People
  • Chapter 11 The Animal Banquet
  • Chapter 12 The Storm
  • Chapter 13 Castaways on Poplar Island
  • Chapter 14 The Shark
  • Chapter 15 The ‘Jeanie Deans’
  • Chapter 16 Hallowe’en
  • Chapter 17 A Smell in the Air
  • Chapter 18 Down Stream
  • About the Author
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