Bright Ideas Jamaica Grade 4 Student's Book

Bright Ideas Jamaica Grade 4 Student's Book

By David Glover
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Book Description

Bright Ideas Jamaica has been created especially for the Jamaican upper primary science curriculum. It promotes a modern, student-centred approach to science learning, formulated through a close collaboration between experienced Jamaican teachers and primary science specialists.Key Features:• The structure of the books follows the Jamaican Primary Science syllabus unit-by-unit to provide comprehensive coverage• Relevant learning objectives from the Jamaican Primary Science syllabus are clearly stated at the start of each lesson to ensure every objective is covered• Syllabus 'Focus Questions' are highlighted on every page• End-of-unit and end-of-year tests to prepare students for their GSAT Science examination• Practical activities using everyday materials• Suggestions for group work to promote interactive learning• Review exercises to check progress• Internet links to promote independent researchSupporting Materials:• Accompanying interactive CD-ROMs allow students to develop their understanding in the classroom and at home using games and experiments.• Workbooks complement the Student's Books for each level of the course. The content is structured in lesson-sized topics clearly linked to the Student’s Books with additional assessment material.• Accompanying Teacher’s Books offer background information, extension activities and teaching notes on catering for mixed-ability classes.Please note that this is an eBook version of this title and can NOT be printed. For more information about eBooks, including how to download the software you’ll need, see our FAQs page.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Copyright
  • Contents
  • Introduction
    • Using this book
    • What is science?
    • Observing and investigating
    • Science safety
    • Five senses
    • The skin and touch
    • Taking care of your skin
    • The tongue and taste
    • The nose and smell
    • Animal senses
    • Using technology to extend the senses
    • Pushes and pulls are forces
    • Machines make work easier
    • Rollers, wheels and cranks
    • Levers
    • Pulleys
    • Screws
    • Gear wheels
    • Using machines
    • The body as a machine
    • Water is special
    • Investigating water
    • The water cycle
    • Water sources
    • Water and disease
    • Purifying water
    • Conserving water
    • The properties of air
    • What's in the air?
    • Using gases from the air
    • Air and disease
    • Air pollution
    • Cleaning the air
    • Investigating rocks
    • Testing rocks
    • Types of rock
    • Volcanoes
    • Minerals and their properties
    • Using minerals
    • What is soil?
    • Soil, air and water
    • How is soil made?
    • Caring for soil
  • Examination practice
  • Glossary
    • A
    • B
    • C
    • D
    • E
    • F
    • G
    • H
    • I
    • J
    • K
    • L
    • M
    • N
    • O
    • P
    • Q
    • R
    • S
    • T
    • V
    • W
  • Scope and sequence
  • Back Cover
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