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CSEC Revision Guide: Physics  eBook
Terry Hudson, Debbie Roberts
Test Preparation
CSEC Revision Guide: Physics eBook
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Macmillan Education’s CSEC® Revision Guides contain all of the revision and practice you need to achieve success in your CSEC examinations.

In addition to recapping essential topics from the CXC Physics syllabus in a concise and approachable style, this guide:
• provides practical tips to help you find the best approach for your revision
• identifies key topics so you can focus on achieving mastery of the syllabus
• has self-check boxes to measure progress and build confidence
• contains a wealth of in-test questions and practice exam-style papers with answers provided online
• defines key terms in a handy hyperlinked glossary

Macmillan Education is your one-stop-shop for exam success.

Title page
How to Use This Book
Revision and Exam Tips
Section A Mechanics
Unit 1 Mechanics
Unit 2 Vectors
Unit 3 Forces
Unit 4 Dynamics: Motion in a Straight Line
Unit 5 Forms of Energy
Unit 6 Hydrostatics
Test Questions for Section A
Section B Thermal Physics and Kinetic Theory
Unit 1 Nature of Heat, Macroscopic Properties and Phenomena
Unit 2 Thermal Measurements
Unit 3 Transfer of Thermal Energy
Test Questions for Section B
Section C Waves and Optics
Unit 1 Wave Motion and Sound
Unit 2 Electromagnetic Waves
Unit 3 Light Waves
Unit 4 Lenses
Test Questions for Section C
Section D Electricity and Magnetism
Unit 1 Electrostatics
Unit 2 Current Electricity
Unit 3 Electronics
Unit 4 Magnetism
Unit 5 Electromagnetism
Test Questions for Section D
Section E The Physics of the Atom
Unit 1 Models and Structure of the Atom
Unit 2 Radioactivity
Test Questions for Section E
Paper 1 Practice Questions
Paper 2 Practice Questions
Answers to Test Yourself Questions
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