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Macmillan Revision Guides for CSEC® Examinations: History 
Nadine C. Atkinson
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Macmillan Revision Guides for CSEC® Examinations: History 
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Macmillan Revision Guides for CSEC® Examinations are the perfect companions for exam preparation and success.This revision guide aims to equip Grade 10 and 11 secondary school students who are preparing for their CSEC examination. The text is made up of two parts:1. A Multiple Choice section with specific objectives to help students track their progress and ‘To Think About’ elements ensuring that students approach the questions in a logical manner.2. A section on Essay Type questions which includes in-depth analysis of each question and ‘Recent Developments’ features focusing on the new ideas and concepts in each particular area. The book provides:• Total coverage of the CXC syllabus• Numerous practice exercises and worked examples• Exam tips and practical advice from teachers and examiners• Vital last-minute revision and practice to boost grades and improve chances of success• Ideal for self-study• Revision check-lists About the authorNadine C. Atkinson brings a wealth of experience to this publication as a Teacher, Writer, Researcher and Assistant CSEC Examinations Marker. She is an Attorney-at-Law working in the Government Service in Jamaica.Please note that this is an eBook version of this title and can NOT be printed. For more information about eBooks, including how to download the software you’ll need, see our FAQs page.

Note to Students
Part 1 Multiple Choice Items: The Core
1 Indigenous People
2 The Europeans
3 The Economic Revolution and the Coming of Enslaved Africans
4 Slave Resistance
5 Emancipation and Apprenticeship
6 The Chinese, Europeans, Indians and Africans
7 The Establishment of the Peasantry 1838–1900
8 The United States' Influence in the Caribbean up to 1985
9 Popular Protest in the 1930s
10 Self-Government, Independence and Beyond
Multiple Choice Practice Paper
Part 2 Essay Type Items: The Themes
1 The Indigenous People and the Europeans
2 Caribbean Economy and Slavery 1492–1838
3 Resistance and Revolt
4 Movement towards Emancipation
5 Adjustments to Emancipation 1838–1876
6 Economic Diversification 1875–1985
7 Social and Economic Conditions in the Twentieth Century
8 The United States in the Caribbean 1776–1985
9 Movements Towards Independence
10 Social Life 1838–1962
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