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Reggae Readers Student's Book 1
Louis Fidge
Reggae Readers Student's Book 1
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Reggae Readers is an exciting new reading scheme written specifically for young Jamaican readers in the first three years of primary school. Each book contains 30 lively stories and non-fiction pieces designed to stimulate the imagination, motivate young readers and reinforce moral values.Developed in consultation with Jamaican advisors, the books closely support the teaching of the Integrated Curriculum objectives. The texts introduce, teach and develop essential reading skills through the use of controlled vocabulary and language structures. The audio CDs accompanying each book were recorded in Kingston and bring the text to life with music and song. The books include:• Stories and non-fiction texts• Poems and rhymes to entertain and enjoy• Comprehensive word lists• Notes to parents on helping their children read• Linked comprehension and vocabulary activities for each unitPlease note that this is an eBook version of this title and can NOT be printed. For more information about eBooks, including how to download the software you’ll need, see our FAQs page.

Notes for parents
Title Page
Term 1
Unit 1 Hello
Unit 2 Lenny and Lizzy can
Unit 3 The birthday party
Unit 4 Judy-Ann
Unit 5 My body is amazing
Rhyme time 1
Unit 6 This is you!
Unit 7 The enormous yam
Unit 8 Market day
Unit 9 Brother Breeze and the pear tree
Unit 10 Chickenpox
Rhyme time 2
Term 2
Unit 11 Grandpa’s big family
Unit 12 The busy day
Unit 13 Vegetables for dinner
Unit 14 The picnic
Unit 15 GSpecial days and national symbols
Rhyme time 3
Unit 16 Lenny and Lizzy and the Big Parade
Unit 17 Kevin’s new house
Unit 18 The kitchen
Unit 19 One windy night
Unit 20 The hot pan
Rhyme time 4
Term 3
Unit 21 Our school
Unit 22 Playtime is best
Unit 23 Dan the dinosaur comes to school
Unit 24 Good school – better school!
Unit 25 The fire drill
Rhyme time 5
Unit 26 Silly Sam
Unit 27 People at school
Unit 28 Lenny and Lizzy at the hospital
Unit 29 Sports Day
Unit 30 The school party
Rhyme time 6
Word list
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