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Indo-Caribbean Indenture: Resistance and Accommodation, 1838-1920
Lomarsh Roopnarine
Indo-Caribbean Indenture: Resistance and Accommodation, 1838-1920
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Indo-Caribbean Indenture investigates the relatively little-studied but growing field of the experiences of East Indians in the Caribbean from their arrival in 1838 to the end of indentureship in 1920. It places the indenture period into a larger socio-economic framework of imperialism, the post-slavery attempt to solve the labour shortage and the gender-relations which overarched the whole transaction in human bodies. By utilizing a new analytical perspective offered by current writers on the subject of the subaltern, the work departs from the usual historical approach and offers a fresh interpretation. The work will be of particular interest to historians, sociologists and social scientists who focus on the Caribbean, migration, ethnicity, gender studies, peasant resistance, labour history and cultural continuity and change.

1. Migration and Recruitment
2. Domination and Modes of Resistance
3. Cultural Change and Continuity: Caste and the Joint Family Systems
4. Indo-Caribbean Women: Daughters of Sacrifice and Survival
Appendix 1. Emigrants from Calcutta, India, to and from the Colonies
Appendix 2. Commencement, Stoppage and Resumption Indentured Emigration from Calcutta to Overseas Colonies, 1838–1883
Appendix 3. Number of East Indian Emigrants Who Were Repatriated Yearly from Jamaica
Appendix 4. Number of East Indian Emigrants Paying for Passage from British Guiana to India
Appendix 5. Licence to Recruiter of East Indian Emigrants
Appendix 6. Copy of a Certificate of Indenture
Appendix 7. Certificate of Completion of Ten Years’ Residence
Appendix 8. Example of Old Immigrant’s Ticket
Appendix 9. Tabulated Statement Showing the Castes of Immigrants Introduced during Season 1889–1890 to Trinidad
Appendix 10. Categories of Emigrants Returning from Trinidad to Calcutta 1865
Appendix 11. Number of Deaths on the Outward Voyage during the Season 1860–1861
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
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