Manuscript Sources for the History of the West Indies

Manuscript Sources for the History of the West Indies

By Kenneth E. N. Ingram
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Book Description

This is a record of over 2000 manuscript sources for the study of the West Indies and its history. The major focus is on the collections of the Nation Library of Jamaica but other entries relate to manuscript sources in repositeries elswhere in Jamaica, the United States, Canada and Britain.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Abbreviations
  • List of Repositories
  • Part A. List of Manuscripts
    • Jamaica (0001-1350)
    • West Indies (1351-1370)
    • United States of America (1371-1698)
    • Canada (1699-1788)
    • United Kingdom (1789-2310)
    • Other Countries
  • Part B. Untraced Manuscripts
    • Untraced Manuscripts
  • Part C. Supplementary Information to Related Sources
    • Supplementary Informationto Related Sources
  • Part D. Addenda
    • Addenda
    • Index
    • Addenda Index
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