Port Royal Jamaica

Port Royal Jamaica

By Michael Pawson, David Buisseret
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Book Description

The modern-day town of Port Royal, Jamaica, bears little evidence of its spectacular past. In Port Royal Jamaica, Pawson and Buisseret detail the establishment of the town of Port Royal in the second half of the seventeenth century, in the heyday of privateering. The town was critical to the successful colonization of Jamaica by the British and pivotal to British mercantile activity, but is best known for the activities of its swashbuckling pirates.

Table of Contents
  • 1. The Geography of Port Royal
  • 2. The Coming of the English: Fort Cromwell 1655-1660
  • 3. The Consolidation of English Power: Privateering 1657-1680
  • 4. The Consolidation of English Power: The Fortifications
  • 5. The Consolidation of English Power: The Navy 1668-1692
  • 6. The Economic Development of Port Royal in the Seventeenth Century
  • 7. The Topography of Port Royal 1660-1692
  • 8. Everyday Life at Port Royal before the Earthquake
  • 9. The Earthquake and the Passing of Commercial Primacy 1692-1722
  • 10. Port Royal as a Naval Station 1692-1900
  • 11. Archaeological Investigations at Port Royal
  • 12. Port Royal Today
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix 1. Privateers frequenting Port Royal 1659-60
  • Appendix 2. "An account of the private ships of warr belonging to Jamaica and Turtudos [Tortuga] in 1663'
  • Appendix 3. The sites of the Anglican churches before 1692
  • Appendix 4. List of craftsmen and tradesmen in Port Royal before 1692
  • Appendix 5. A list of Port Royal Taverns
  • Appendix 6. Anglican ministers and churchwardens at Port Royal before 1692
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