Inside Slavery: Process and Legacy in the Caribbean Experience

Inside Slavery: Process and Legacy in the Caribbean Experience

By Beckles, Hilary (EDT)/ Goveia, Elsa V. (EDT)
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Book Description

"Contains lectures presented at Cave Hill from 1987-93 to honor memory of Elsa Goveia, a highly regarded Caribbean historian. Themes and topics include Thistlewood's Journals (Douglas Hall), slave conditions in Barbados and other islands (Richard Sheridan), slavery and freedom in Brazil and Louisiana (Rebecca Scott), and Emancipation Day celebrations after 50 years (Bridget Brereton). Useful"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 58.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Bibliography of Elsa Goveia' s Publications
  • Introduction
    • Signposts and Insights
  • The 1985 Elsa Goveia Memorial Lecture
    • People in Slavery
  • The 1987 Elsa Goveia Memorial Lecture
    • Why the Condition of the Slaves was "less intolerable in Barbadoes than in the other sugar colonies"
  • The 1988 Elsa Goveia Memorial Lecture
    • Ecological Determinismin Caribbean History
  • The 1986 Elsa Goveia Memorial Lecture
    • A Social History of Emancipation Day in the British Caribbean: The First Fifty Years
  • The 1990 Elsa Goveia Memorial Lecture
    • The Boundaries of Freedom: Postemancipation Society in Cuba, Louisiana and Brazil
  • The 1991 Elsa Goveia Memorial Lecture
    • A Recipe for the Perfect Calalu: Island and Regional Identities in the British West Indies
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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