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Cases on Issues and Problems in Educational Management
Sonia O. Jones
Cases on Issues and Problems in Educational Management
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Part A. Administrative Management
1. Maintaining Academic Excellence
2. The Untrained Principal
3. The Acting Principal
4. Management by Exclusion
5. Management by Intimidation
6. The Principal Teacher
7. Kensington Community College
8. The Private School
9. The Head Who Refused to Delegate
10. Clarissa Markham
11. Control Heights Secondary
12. Richmond Primary School
13. The Intractable Problems of First Hill All Age
14. The Vice President of Marketing
15. Alberga Reeves
16. The Autocratic Leader
17. Succession Planning
Part B. School Board
1. John P. Morgan
2. The Irate Principal
3. Political Interference in School Life
4. The Board Chairperson
Part C. The Curriculum and Co-Curricular Activities
1. Administering the Curriculum
2. The Expanding Curriculum
3. Sports vs Academics
4. The Remedial Teacher
5. Duncan's Books
6. The School Library
7. Lesson Planning
8. The Mathematics Seminar
9. Global Education
10. Parental Education
11. Mrs Johnson
12. Co-Curricular Activities
Part D. Timetabling
1. Timetabling Co-Curricular Activities
2. Constance Roache
3. Ms Timetable
4. Timetabling and the Distant Learner
Part E. Time Management
1. The Harried Administrator
2. Managing Time
3. Albert Spencer
4. It's Urgent!
Part F. Financial and LegalAspects
1. Misappropriated Funds
2. Merit Pay
3. The Disgruntled Fund Raiser
4. The Begging Syndrome
5. The Budget
6. Sharing Educational Costs
7. St Raphael's High School and Free Education for All
8. Decentralizing Education
9. The 'Ghetto' Child
10. Letter to the Chief Education Officer
11. The Legal Clause
12. Dismissed for Misconduct
Part G. Facilities Planning
1. Planning School Facilities: A Question of Money
2. ?
3. The New Classroom
4. The School Craze
5. Inadequate Bathroom Facilities
Part H. Conflict
1. Interpersonal Relationships
2. The PTA President
3. The Intransit Principal
4. The Teacherless School
5. Things Are Not Always What They Seem
6. Canteen Crisis
7. Jason the Mediator
8. The Secret War
9. The History Teacher
10. Ralph Easy and Thomas Hardy
Part I. Student Affairs
1. The Inner-City School
2. Teacher Abuse
3. The Flogging Incident
4. Goal Setting And Goal Attainment
5. Schoolers
6. Student Flight
7. The Special Education Teacher
8. Maternity Ward
9. The Incest Factor
10. Springfield Comprehensive High School
11. Student Power
12. Student Wife
13. The Street Kids
14. Managing Discipline
15. The High School Boys
16. Policing at Tamarind Seed High School
17. Student Mother
18. Cooperative Learning
Part J. Professional Concerns
1. The Untrained Graduate
2. Ethics and the School Administrator
3. Who Is Misleading Whom?
4. John Ekridge High School
5. Esther Vincent, the Code of Ethics, and Higgler McLeod
6. The Choice (Career Change)
7. Teacher Burnout
8. The Drinking Problem
9. Professor Marks and the Teaching of Medicine
10. Marching into the Twenty-first Century
11. Working in Hardship Areas
Part K. Personnel Administration
1. The Selection Process (The Maladjusted Teacher)
2. The Selection of Phyllis Townsend
3. The Firing of Soneita Spence
4. The Recruitment Committee
5. The Applicants
6. The Personnel Administrator
7. Collective Bargaining and the New Poor
8. Pension for the Ancillary Worker
9. The Disillusioned Teacher
10. 'To Apply or Not to Apply', That's the Question
11. The Teachers' Union
12. The Health Crisis
13. A Question of Accountability
14. The Grievance Committee
15. The Dirty Classroom
16. Job Description
17. Teacher Evaluation
18. The Teaching Practice Experience
19. School Supervision
20. Althea Cameron
Part L. Staff Meeting
1. The Second Staff Meeting of theTrinity Term
2. Information Technology and the Conduct of Staff Meetings
3. A Revolutionary Idea
Part M. School Community Relations
1. The Liaison Officer
2. The Adopted School
3. The School Feeding Project
Part N. Change
1. ROSE the Motivator
2. Rationalizing Education
3. The Name Change
4. Why Change?
Part O. Security
1. Who Watches the Watchman
2. The Missing Computer
3. Violence at the Workplace
4. The Warden
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