Melissa Salmon
The World Awaits Your Greatness
Melissa Salmon
Religion & Spirituality
The World Awaits Your Greatness
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The World Awaits your Greatness is your guide to inspired living and came from my own desire to undergo a process of transformation. I am inspired by the words of world renowned motivational speaker Les Brown, who says, “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” I decided to write this book because I wanted to help people especially youth to get started on the road to their dreams. In 2015, I took a personal decision to help make the World we live in a much better place, not only by tapping into my greatness but also sharing it with the World, to impact the lives of many in a positive way. There isn’t always a correlation between when we are most illuminated or the best version of ourselves and the moments of impact. Persevering, surviving the ‘worst’ and pushing through requires a can do mindset. It is in overcoming that we exude strength, humility, agility and unlock the keys that open the doors to greatness.

This work is divided into two-parts with 13 concise chapters compiled for an easy read. Part I, Believe in your Greatness is geared towards individual introspection on the journey to unearthing your true potential and strengthening your resolve to succeed. In Part II, entitled, In every Moment you are Scribing your Legacy, the focus is on finding your place in the world. How can you live a purpose-filled life manifesting your gifts to the world?

This book is your personal transformation tool for taking practical steps and also serves as a source of encouragement on your path to becoming a better individual; you are enough but there is always room for improvement. By unearthing our best selves, we are able to savour the precious moments on this journey called life. We have a discerning spirit that allows us continuous evolution if we are open to it; we all have a role in the bigger picture of God’s grand design.

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