Institute of Jamaica
Institute of Jamaica
Jamaica Journal Vol.37, Nos 1-2
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Featuring an artircle "Comparing the dub versioning of Ishawna's "Equal Rights" from "Chanting Down to Louding Up" with Peter Tosh's 1977 song "Equal Rights", which famously sang out on behalf of all suffers from Jamaica to Africa to Palestine."

The Jamaica Journal, the flagship publication of theInstitute of Jamaica and the Caribbean’s leading cultural publication on Jamaica’s heritage was first published in 1967 as a quarterly authoritative source on our heritage, contemporary culture and natural environment. Jamaica Journal’s coverage of a wide range of topics-history, literature, science and the arts commands the interest of the general reader.

Life and History
Building the World’s Most Beautiful Resort: Frenchman’s Cove
Incomprehension and Creole Architecture
"I question not but [to] get off your goods to your satisfaction”: Smuggled Goods in the Eighteenth-Century Caribbean
Jamaican Postage Stamps 1860–1960
Arts and Culture
Negotiating Art, Negotiating Identity: Review of the National Gallery of Jamaica’s Jamaica Biennial 2017
Dub Versioning Ishawna’s “Equal Rights”: From Chanting Down to Louding Up
Sound the Drums, Blow the Horns: The Creative Ethos of Paul Bogle’s Morant Bay War and the Liberationist Ethic of Peter Tosh’s Music
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Learner-Teacher: Vera Margaret Cumming in Jamaica, 1945–49
Suzanna Ogunjami Wilson, née Scott: Igbo-Jamaican Painter
Science and Technology
The Monamycin Story: Its Twists and Turns
In Memoriam: David Boxer
The Francis Bacon–David Boxer Connection
Donna McFarlane, OD First Director/Curator of Liberty Hall: The Legacy of Marcus Garvey
Ubuntu: I Am Because We Are!
From the Kalimba to the Rumba Box: West African Retentions in Jamaican Music
Global Recognition for Jamaica in Promoting and Facilitating Technical and Scientific Cooperation
Mason River Field Station Revisited
The Environment
The Cockpit Country: A Vital Refuge for Jamaica’s Butterflies
Sargassum: The Problematic Seaweed
Books and Writers
I Know I Owe the Obeah Man
Book Reviews
Kingston Buttercup
Leonard Percival Howell & The Genesis of Rastafari
The Marvellous Equations of the Dread: A Novel in Bass Riddim
Jones Town, Trench Town – The Journey Back: A Study of Greatness, Degradation and Redemption
Peelin Orange: The Collected Poems of Mervyn Morris
My Life, Family and Friends: A Jamaican-Sierra LeoneanConnection
Up, from the Majestic Hills: A Veteran Educator Reflects on His Travels and Life Experiences
The Guyanese Culture: Fusion or Diffusion?
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