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Oxford AQA GCSE History (9-1): Conflict and Tension in Asia 19501975 Revision Guide
Aaron Wilkes, Lindsay Bruce
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Oxford AQA GCSE History (9-1): Conflict and Tension in Asia 19501975 Revision Guide
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This Conflict and Tension in Asia 19501975 Revision Guide Kindle edition is part of the popular Oxford AQA GCSE History series. Written by our original author team to match the new AQA specification, this guide covers exactly what your students require to succeed in the Paper 1 Conflict and Tension in Asia Wider World Depth Study exams.
- Recap key events of the Vietnam War and Korean War with clear visual diagrams and brief points
- Apply knowledge with targeted revision activities that tests basic comprehension, then apply understanding towards exam-style questions
- Review and track revision with progress checklists, suggested activity answers and Exam Practice sections
- Step-by-step exam guidance based on the popular 'How to' student book feature
- Examiner Tip features most up-to-date expert advice and identifies common exam mistakes
- Boost student confidence on all AQA GCSE Conflict and Tension question types with revision activities such as Source Analysis and How Far Do You Agree
- Perfect for use alongside the Student Book and Kerboodle, or as a stand-alone resource for independent revision.
This revision guide helps your students Recap, Apply, and Review their way towards exam success.

Front Cover
Title Page
Top revision tips
Master your exam skills
How to master source questions
How to master ‘how useful are the sources’ questions
How to master ‘write an account’ questions
How to master ‘how far do you agree’ questions
AQA GCSE History mark schemes
Conflict and Tension in Asia 1950–1975 Timeline
Part one: Conflict in Korea
1 The causes of the Korean War
The Cold War
Korea and the Cold War
The Korean War
2 The development of the Korean War
The United Nations at war
3 The end of the Korean War
Peace talks and the armistice
The impact of the Korean War
Part two: Escalation of conflict in Vietnam
4 The end of French colonial rule
The French in Asia
The Geneva Agreement, 1954
Civil war in South Vietnam
Civil war – the two sides
5 The US involvement in Vietnam
Eisenhower and Kennedy
Strategic Hamlet Programme
6 Johnson’s war
President Johnson and the Gulf of Tonkin
Mass bombing campaign
Vietcong tactics
The US response to Vietcong tactics
The impact of US tactics
The Tet Offensive
Demands for peace and student protest
Part three: The ending of conflict in Vietnam
7 Nixon’s war
President Nixon and the widening of the war
China and the USSR
8 Opposition to war
Growing opposition
Importance of the media and TV
The media and TV: influencing public opinion
9 The end of the war
The US withdrawal from Vietnam
The end of the Vietnam War
The Vietnam war: costs and consequences
Exam practice: Source analysis questions
Exam practice: ‘Write an account’ questions
Exam practice: ‘How far do you agree’ questions
Activity answers guidance
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