Challenging Coasts

Challenging Coasts

By Leontine E. Visser
Book Description

Following its launch at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) became a key tool for national governments and international organisations alike. This volume argues that transdisciplinarity is a necessary corollary of ICZM yet that work to date has insufficiently crossed disciplinary boundaries. Professor Visser has sought to fill that gap by bringing together a range of authors of wide geographical and disciplinary backgrounds who have consciously tried to challenge disciplinary limitations in their contributions to ICZM in theory and practice. First publication in the "">MARE Publication Series

Kustzones zijn grensgebieden, waar milieu-aspecten, culturen en economische sectoren elkaar raken en beïnvloeden. Het multi-dimensionele karakter van kustzones staat in deze bundel centraal. Door belichting vanuit verschillende disciplinaire invalshoeken wordt duidelijk dat een completer begrip van de problematiek alleen wordt bereikt door middel van transdisciplinaire samenwerking tussen sociale and exacte wetenschappers. In negen hoofdstukken wordt de lezer geleid langs kustgebieden van de Stille Oceaan, Zuidoost Azie, West Afrika, Europa en Latijns Amerika. Aandacht gaat uit naar biodiversiteit, mariene park beheer, meervoudig ruimtegebruik, sociaal-economische verandering, en de juridische uitdagingen voor natuurbescherming. Eerste deel in de "">MARE Publication Series

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Series Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • 1. Introduction (Leontine E. Visser)
  • 2. Reflections on Transdisciplinarity, Integrated Coastal Development, and Governance (Leontine E. Visser)
  • 3. Biodiversity and the Natural Resource Management of Coral Reefs in Southeast Asia (Bert W. Hoeksema)
  • 4. A Concerted Approach towards Managing Living Resources in a Marine Protected Area (Jean Worms, Mathieu Ducrocq, and Abdelkader Ould Mohamed Saleck)
  • 5. ‘Making Do’: Integrating Ecological and Societal Considerations for Marine Conservation in a Situation of Indegenous Resource Tenure (Flip Van Helden)
  • 6. Basic Principles Underlying Research Projects on the Links between the Ecology and the Uses of Coral Reef Fishes in the Pacific (Michel Kulbicki, Pierre Labrosse, and Joceline Ferraris)
  • 7. The Marine Implementation of the EC Birds and Habitats Directives: the Cases of Shipping and Oil Exploration Compared (Daniel Owen)
  • 8. Stakeholder Conflicts and Solutions across Political Scales: The Ibiraquera Lagoon, Brazil (Cristiana S. Seixas and Fikret Berkes)
  • 9. ‘The Rich Eat Fish and the Poor Eat Pork’: The Decline of the Livelihoods of Handpickers of Aquatic Organisms in North Vietnam (Arie Pieter Van Duijn)
  • Index
  • List of Contributors
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