Rural Livelihoods, Resources, and Coping with Crisis in Indonesia

Rural Livelihoods, Resources, and Coping with Crisis in Indonesia

By M. J. Titus
Book Description

Most literature on the economic crisis in indonesia has focused on the negative macro-economic impacts during the "crisis- years" of 1997-99. The case studies presented in this book take a different perspective. With a longitudinal research perspective, this comparative study analyses a wide variety of responses to the crisis among communities and households. The case studies in this book cover the coping and adapting mechanisms of rural households under a variety of resource use practices and resource use regulations in different areas of Indonesia.

De meeste literatuur over de economische crisis in Indonesië richt zich vooral op de negatieve macro-economische effecten tijdens de hoogtijdagen van de crisis (1997-1999). De case-studies in dit boek beslaan niet alleen een langere periode, er worden ook diepteanalyses gemaakt van een verscheidenheid aan reponse- en bestaansstrategieën van huishoudens en rurale gemeenschappen tijdens en na de crisis. Pessimistische aannames ten aanzien van de weinig effectieve vooronderstellingen worden in dit boek tegengesproken. Het boek levert daardoor een bijdrage aan een effectiever beleid om gemeenschappen in crisissituaties weerbaarder te maken.

Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Tables
  • List of Figures and Maps
  • Preface
  • 1 Making a Living in Turbulent Times: Livelihoods and Resource Allocation in Tana Toraja During Indonesia’s Economic and Political Crises
  • 2 Through Turbulent Times: Diversity, Vulnerability, and Resilience of Madurese Livelihoods in East Kalimantan
  • 3 Livelihood Dynamics, the Economic Crisis, and Coping Mechanisms in Kerinci District, Sumatra
  • 4 The Economic and Ecological Crises and Their Impact on Livelihood Strategies of Rural Households in Yogyakarta
  • 5 Livelihoods and Coping Responses to the Crisis in Four Villages with Different Farm Systems in the Special Region of the Yogyakarta
  • 6 Livelihood Strategies, Responses to the Crisis, and the Role of Non-Agricultural Activities in Five Villages in the Special Region of the Yogyakarta
  • 7 The Effects of the Crisis on Livelihood Systems in “Rurban” Areas: Case Studies in the Special Region of the Yogyakarta
  • 8 Economic Change, the 1997 Crisis, and Livelihood Sustainability in Two Horticultural Communities in South Sulawesi
  • 9 Krismon Yang Selamat: The Crisis Impact on Livelihood Strategies in Desa Parigi, South Sulawesi
  • 10 The Asian Crisis, Livelihood Conditions, and Resource Use in the Coastal Village of Tamasaju, South Sulawesi
  • 11 Indonesian Rural Livelihoods and Resource Use in Crisis?
  • Contributors
  • References
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