Sketchy LISP

Sketchy LISP

By Nils M. Holm
Book Description

Sketchy LISP is a step-by-step introduction to functional programming in Scheme. By means of numerous examples of varying complexity, it takes the reader on an entertaining and informative tour through the language. This is the 4th edition.

Table of Contents
  • title page
  • Blurb
  • Preface
  • Preface to the Third Edition
  • Preface to the Second Edition
  • Preface to the First Edition
  • Acknowledgements
  • 1 Basic Scheme Programming
  • 1.1 Notation
  • 1.2 Functional Programming
  • 2 Less Basic Scheme Programming
  • 1.3 Loops in Functional Programs
  • 2.1 Variable Argument Procedures
  • 1.4 Basic Data Types
  • 3 Some Missing Pieces
  • 1.5 Some Things You can do with Lists
  • 3.1 Syntax Transformation
  • 1.6 Procedures and Local Scopes
  • 4 Scheme in the Wild
  • 1.7 Different Ways of Binding Symbols
  • 4.1 Drawing Box Diagrams
  • 1.8 Lists, Pairs, and History
  • A.1 First Steps in Scheme
  • 2.2 Identity and Equality
  • 2.3 Higher Order Functions
  • 2.4 Dynamic Typing
  • 2.5 Type Conversion
  • 2.6 Arithmetics
  • 2.7 Strings and Characters Recycled
  • 2.8 Input, Output, and Side Effects
  • 3.2 Quasiquotation
  • 3.3 Tail-recursive Programs
  • 3.4 Continuations
  • 3.5 Lambda Calculus and the Y Combinator
  • 4.2 The DRAW-TREE Program
  • The End
  • A.2 Scheme Style Guide
  • A.3 Table of Example Programs
  • A.4 Scheme Syntax and Procedures
  • License
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