By Ksenia Anske
Book Description

Misunderstood and overmedicated, twelve-year-old Lilith Bloom finds the prospect of a grand family reunion decidedly dull... That is, until she discovers that the rose garden surrounding her grandfather's Berlin mansion is, well, completely and utterly carnivorous. Armed with Panther, her talking pet whippet, and the help of the mute boy next door, Lilith must unravel the secrets behind the mysterious estate, all while her family remains gloriously unaware that they are about to be devoured.

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Table of Contents
  • Rosehead
    • The Grim Arrival
    • The Mandatory Dinner
    • The Moving Mansion
    • Through The Arbor
    • The Talking Heads
    • On The Scent
    • The Bloom Heir
    • Ed’s Story
    • Panther’s Liberation
    • Gabby’s Wrath
    • The Ordinary Morning
    • The Emergency Ballet Escapade
    • The Red Gallery
    • Jürgen’s Paintings
    • The Unexpected Interrogation
    • The Risky Plan
    • The Grand Return
    • The Fortuitous Ally
    • Rosehead’s Secret
    • The Desperate Warning
    • The Fatal Therapy Session
    • Alfred’s True Colors
    • Petra’s Diversion
    • Up the Oak Tree
    • The Daring Face-Off
    • The Repugnant Birth
    • The Mad Gardener
    • The Generous Offer
    • The Dramatic Reunion
    • The Unsuccessful Plan
    • The Book’s Advice
    • Agatha’s Pledge
    • Lilith’s Sacrifice
    • The Dazzling End
    • The Somber Remains
    • The Glorious Departure
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