The Afterlife (Siren Suicides, Book 3)

The Afterlife (Siren Suicides, Book 3)

By Ksenia Anske
Book Description

Ailen Bright is more lost than ever. Her father has betrayed her yet again, but keeps her longing for his love alive with some almost-heartfelt confessions, though few and far between. She and Hunter can never be together without fighting the urge to strangle each other with their bare hands. And to top it off, two-faced Canosa won't leave her alone. Her resolve to do the right thing is wavering as she tries to protect the ones she loves, simultaneously searching for a reason to keep on living, and the final chapter of Siren Suicides comes to a tumultuous close, bringing death, life, and love. 

Print copies (incl. signed) available on the author's website.

The other Siren Suicides books are  I Chose to Die and My Sisters in Death

Table of Contents
  • Epigraph
  • Chapter 1 Dry Lab
  • Chapter 2 Padded Cell
  • Chapter 3 Chem Lab
  • Chapter 4 Iron Tub
  • Chapter 5 Lifeboat
  • Chapter 6 Pacific Rim
  • Chapter 7 Strait of Juan de Fuca
  • Chapter 8 Fremont Bridge
  • Chapter 9 Fremont Canal
  • Chapter 10 Burke-Gilman Trail
  • Chapter 11 Troll Avenue
  • Chapter 12 Fremont Troll
  • Chapter 13 Interstate 5
  • Chapter 14 Mount Rainier
  • Chapter 15 Paradise
  • Chapter 16 Nisqually River
  • Chapter 17 Nisqually Valley
  • Chapter 18 Mud Lake
  • Chapter 19 Cascade Range
  • Chapter 20 Brights’ House
  • Chapter 21 Marble Bathtub
  • Chapter 22 Bleitz Funeral Home
  • Chapter 23 Strait of Juan de Fuca
  • Chapter 24 Pacific Ocean
  • Chapter 25 Burial Yacht
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