My Sisters in Death (Siren Suicides, Book 2)

My Sisters in Death (Siren Suicides, Book 2)

By Ksenia Anske
Book Description

In the second installment of the Siren Suicides trilogy, Ailen Bright finds herself in a sticky situation. Her new supernatural abilities haven't solved anything - in fact, they've royally messed up her life. She can't be with the one person she loves (though her self-control is wavering by the second), her old, well-dressed dog of a father hasn't learned any new tricks, and her supposed siren sister doesn't seem to have her best interests at heart. A pawn in the game between her father and the Siren of Canosa, Ailen is constantly searching for her next move. Through all the hardships, however, Ailen's self-doubt begins to dissipate as she comes to accept her new identity. 

Print copies (signed!) available from the author's website.

The other Siren Suicides books are  I Chose to Die and The Afterlife

Table of Contents
  • My Sisters in Death (Siren Suicides, Book 2)
    • Chapter 1: Portage Bay
    • Chapter 2: Montlake Bridge
    • Chapter 3: Arboretum Park
    • Chapter 4: Chop Suey
    • Chapter 5: Lake Washington
    • Chapter 6: Seattle
    • Chapter 7: Lake Union
    • Chapter 8: Union Bay
    • Chapter 9: Siren Meadow
    • Chapter 10: Green Stage
    • Chapter 11: Amphitheater
    • Chapter 12: Seward Beach
    • Chapter 13: Stolen Boat
    • Chapter 14: Along The Boulevard
    • Chapter 15: Fremont Canal
    • Chapter 16: Pacific Ocean
    • Chapter 17: Stern Trawler
    • Chapter 18: Fish Factory
    • Chapter 19: Wet Lab
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