Pride and Paradev: a collection of agile software testing contradictions
Alister Scott
Computers & Technology
Pride and Paradev: a collection of agile software testing contradictions

What's a paradev?

A paradev is anyone on a software team that doesn't just do programming.

Who's this book for?

This book is for paradevs who do, or would like to do, software testing on an agile team.

Why contradictions?

"The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function."~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Table of Contents
About this book
Before we start: what’s a paradev?
All about agile software development
A typical agile software development process
A collection of software testing contradictions
Your role as an agile software tester
Do agile teams even need a software tester?
Do agile software testers need technical skills?
Are software testers the gatekeepers or guardians of quality?
Should agile testers fix the bugs they find?
Should testers write the acceptance criteria?
Software testing as a career choice
Is software testing a good career choice?
Is it beneficial to attend software testing conferences?
Should testers get a testing certification?
Defining Acceptance Criteria for user stories
Should acceptance criteria be implicit or explicit?
Should your acceptance criteria be specified as Given/When/Then or checklists?
Are physical or virtual story walls better?
Testing Techniques
Which is better: manual or automated testing?
Can we just test it in production?
What type of test environment should we test in?
Should you use test controllers for testing?
Should you use production data or generate test data for testing?
Should you test in old versions of Internet Explorer?
Should you use a tool to track bugs?
Should you raise trivial bugs?
Should you involve real users in testing?
Automated Acceptance Testing
Do you need an automated acceptance testing framework?
Who should write your automated acceptance tests?
What language should you use for your automated acceptance tests?
Should you use the Given/When/Then format to specify automated acceptance tests?
Should your element selectors be text or value based?
Three non-contradictions
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