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Sinister Street
Compton Mackenzie
Sinister Street

A precocious boy grows to adulthood while struggling with both his own and society’s expectations of his role in life.

To the Reverend E. D. Stone
Sinister Street
Book I: The Prison House
I: The New World
II: Bittersweet
III: Fears and Fantasies
IV: Unending Childhood
V: The First Fairy Princess
VI: The Enchanted Palace
VII: Randell House
VIII: Siamese Stamps
IX: Holidays in France
Book II: Classic Education
I: The Jacobean
II: The Quadruple Intrigue
III: Pastoral
IV: Boyhood’s Glory
V: Incense
VI: Pax
VII: Cloven Hoofmarks
VIII: Mirrors
IX: The Yellow Age
X: Stella
XI: Action and Reaction
XII: Alan
XIII: Sentiment
XIV: Arabesque
XV: Grey Eyes
XVI: Blue Eyes
XVII: Lily
XVIII: Eighteen Years Old
XIX: Parents
XX: Music
Book III: Dreaming Spires
I: The First Day
II: The First Week
III: The First Term
IV: Cheyne Walk
V: Youth’s Domination
VI: Gray and Blue
VII: Venner’s
VIII: The Oxford Looking-Glass
IX: The Lesson of Spain
X: Stella in Oxford
XI: Sympathy
XII: 202 High
XIII: Plashers Mead
XIV: 99 St. Giles
XV: The Last Term
XVI: The Last Week
XVII: The Last Day
Book IV: Romantic Education
I: Ostia Ditis
II: Neptune Crescent
III: The Café d’Orange
IV: Leppard Street
V: The Innermost Circle
VI: Tinderbox Lane
VII: The Gate of Ivory
VIII: Seeds of Pomegranate
IX: The Gate of Horn
X: The Old World
Epilogical Letter to John Nicolas Mavrogordato
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