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Can You Forgive Her?
Anthony Trollope
Can You Forgive Her?

A young woman is torn between marrying a man she loves and respects, and a man she once loved and now fears.

I: Mr. Vavasor and His Daughter
II: Lady Macleod
III: John Grey, the Worthy Man
IV: George Vavasor, the Wild Man
V: The Balcony at Basle
VI: The Bridge Over the Rhine
VII: Aunt Greenow
VIII: Mr. Cheesacre
IX: The Rivals
X: Nethercoats
XI: John Grey Goes to London
XII: Mr. George Vavasor at Home
XIII: Mr. Grimes Gets His Odd Money
XIV: Alice Vavasor Becomes Troubled
XV: Paramount Crescent
XVI: The Roebury Club
XVII: Edgehill
XVIII: Alice Vavasor’s Great Relations
XIX: Tribute from Oileymead
XX: Which Shall It Be?
XXI: Alice Is Taught to Grow Upwards, Towards the Light
XXII: Dandy and Flirt
XXIII: Dinner at Matching Priory
XXIV: Three Politicians
XXV: In Which Much of the History of the Pallisers Is Told
XXVI: Lady Midlothian
XXVII: The Priory Ruins
XXVIII: Alice Leaves the Priory
XXIX: Burgo Fitzgerald
XXX: Containing a Love Letter
XXXI: Among the Fells
XXXII: Containing an Answer to the Love Letter
XXXIII: Monkshade
XXXIV: Mr. Vavasor Speaks to His Daughter
XXXV: Passion Versus Prudence
XXXVI: John Grey Goes a Second Time to London
XXXVII: Mr. Tombe’s Advice
XXXVIII: The Inn at Shap
XXXIX: Mr. Cheesacre’s Hospitality
XL: Mrs. Greenow’s Little Dinner in the Close
XLI: A Noble Lord Dies
XLII: Parliament Meets
XLIII: Mrs. Marsham
XLIV: The Election for the Chelsea Districts
XLV: George Vavasor Takes His Seat
XLVI: A Love Gift
XLVII: Mr. Cheesacre’s Disappointment
XLVIII: Preparations for Lady Monk’s Party
XLIX: How Lady Glencora Went to Lady Monk’s Party
L: How Lady Glencora Came Back from Lady Monk’s Party
LI: Bold Speculations on Murder
LII: What Occurred in Suffolk Street, Pall Mall
LIII: The Last Will of the Old Squire
LIV: Showing How Alice Was Punished
LV: The Will
LVI: Another Walk on the Fells
LVII: Showing How the Wild Beast Got Himself Back from the Mountains
LVIII: The Pallisers at Breakfast
LIX: The Duke of St. Bungay in Search of a Minister
LX: Alice Vavasor’s Name Gets Into the Money Market
LXI: The Bills Are Made All Right
LXII: Going Abroad
LXIII: Mr. John Grey in Queen Anne Street
LXIV: The Rocks and Valleys
LXV: The First Kiss
LXVI: Lady Monk’s Plan
LXVII: The Last Kiss
LXVIII: From London to Baden
LXIX: From Baden to Lucerne
LXX: At Lucerne
LXXI: Showing How George Vavasor Received a Visit
LXXII: Showing How George Vavasor Paid a Visit
LXXIII: In Which Come Tidings of Great Moment to All Pallisers
LXXIV: Showing What Happened in the Churchyard
LXXV: Rouge et Noir
LXXVI: The Landlord’s Bill
LXXVII: The Travellers Return Home
LXXVIII: Mr. Cheesacre’s Fate
LXXIX: Diamonds Are Diamonds
LXXX: The Story Is Finished Within the Halls of the Duke of Omnium
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