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Physics for You
Keith Johnson
Education & Teaching
Physics for You
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Covering all GCSE specifications, this tried and tested series has been fully updated to match the (9-1) GCSE Physics specifications for first examination in 2018, as well as international specifications. With a focus on science, concepts develop naturally, engaging students and enabling them to get a thorough understanding of Physics.

Front Cover
Title Page
Basic Ideas
1 Working Scientifically
2 Units
3 Energy
4 Molecules
Thermal Energy
5 Expansion
6 Thrmometers
7 The Gas Laws
8 Measuring Thermal Energy
9 Condution, Convetion and Radiation
10 Changing State Solid to Liquid
Further questions on thermal energy
11 Pushes and Pulls
12 Density
13 Pressure
14 More about Forces
Physics at work: Friction
Physics at work: Friction with the air
15 Turning Forces
16 Work, Energy and Power
Physics at work: Supplying electricity
17 Machines
18 Velocity and Accleration
Physics at work: Sport
19 Momentum
Further questions on mechanics
Earth Physics and Astronomy
20 The Earth and Beyond
Physics at work: Satellites
Physics at work: Space travel
Further questions on Earth and beyond
Waves: Light and Sound
21 Waves
22 Light
23 Reflection
24 Curved Mirrors
25 Refraction
Physics at work: Fibre optics
Physics at work: Lasers
26 Lenses
27 Optical instruments
28 Colour
Physics at work: Electromagnetic waves
Physics at work: Mobile phones
Physics at work: Analogue and Digital Communications
Physics at work: Telescopes
29 Sound
Physics at work: Ultrasonic echoes
Further questions on waves: light and sound
Electricity and Magnetism
30 Static Electricity
Physics at work: Static electricity
31 Circuits
32 Heating Effect of a current
Physics at work: Circuit-breakers
33 Chemical Effect of current
Further questions on electricity (1)
34 Magnetism
Physics at work: Magnets
35 Magntic effect of a current
Physics at work: Uses of electromagnets
36 Electromagnetic Induction
Physics at work: Recording data
37 Electron Beams
Physics at work: In the office
38 Electronics
Physics at work: Radio
Further questions on electricity (2)
Nuclear Physics
39 Radioactivity
Physics at work: Radioactive dating
Physics at work: Medical scanning
Further questions on radioactivity
Extra Sections
Working Scientifically
Further questions on working scientifically
Assessing your practical skills
Changing ideas: How scientists work
Changing ideas
Famous names
Dates of some inventions and discoveries mentioned in this book
Revision techniques
Suggestions for a revision programme
Revision checklist: definitions, laws and formulas
Examination technique
Check your Maths
Back Cover
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