Economic Development of Low Earth Orbit
Patrick Besha, Alexander MacDonald
Science & Math
Economic Development of Low Earth Orbit
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Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1. Selecting Policy Tools to Expand NASA’s Contribution to Technology Commercialization
Section 1. Toward a NASA Technology Commercialization Strategy
Section 2. The Evolving Role of National Laboratories
Section 3. Issues for NASA
Section 4. The Technology Element Model for Driving Government Policy Management
Section 5. Summary of a Proposed NASA Strategy to Support Technology Commercialization
CHAPTER 2. Protein Crystallization for Drug Development
Executive Summary
Section 1. Introduction
Section 2. Protein Crystallization and Biopharmaceutical Research
Section 3. Policy Considerations
Section 4. Modeling Drug Development Costs
Section 5. Concluding Remarks
Appendix A. New Details Regarding Costs of and Demand for Protein Crystallization in Microgravity
CHAPTER 3. Does Information About Previous Projects Promote R&D on the International Space Station?
Section 1. Introduction
Section 2. A Model for Promoting R&D on the ISS
Section 3. Background Information on CASIS Activities
Section 4. Survey-Based Information
Section 5. Recommendations to NASA
CHAPTER 4. Venture Capital Activity in the Low-Earth Orbit Sector
Executive Summary
Section 1. Introduction
Section 2. Qualitative Overview of VC Involvement in LEO
Section 3. A Quantitative Look at Venture Capital Activity in LEO
Section 4. Performance of Venture Capital Investment in LEO
Section 5. The Logistics of Future Involvement
Section 6. Conclusion
Appendix A
CHAPTER 5. Directing vs. Facilitating the Economic Development of Low Earth Orbit
Section 1. Directing Change Through Mission-Oriented Innovation Policy
Section 2. Systems of Innovation: Creating and Shaping Markets
Section 3. Three Questions for NASA’s Future Innovation Policy Mix
Section 4. Conclusion
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