Kevin Thompson, Marjorie Lawson-Downer, Andrea St John, Eartha Thomas-Hunte
CAPE® Revision Guide: Caribbean Studies
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Collins CAPE Revision Guides focus on the content and skills students need to master for success in CAPE examinations. They cover all aspects of the syllabus and provide excellent help with exam preparation.
Collins CAPE Revision Guide – CARIBBEAN STUDIES is an essential title for all students sitting the CAPE CARIBBEAN STUDIES exam. With clear and accessible information, practice questions, and exam tips, it is a key resource to help students prepare for the exam.

The revision guide includes a comprehensive section on Research Principles and Research Practice to support students with their school-based assessment. It also includes chapters on every section of the syllabus, both Module 1 and Module 2, cross- referencing topics that students may need to relate and refer to in essay questions. Advice is given on how to approach exam questions and construct well-structured essays, and multiple choice questions are included at the end of every section for practice purposes.

• Full coverage of the exam syllabus

• Clear, succinct explanations of core concepts

• Exam tips

• ‘Check Your Knowledge’ features to help students with essay questions

• Multiple choice questions for practice, with answers at the end of the book

• Comprehensive chapters on research principles and practice to help students with the school-based assessment

• Practical advice and guidance to help students do well in the exam

Teacher of CAPE Caribbean Studies, Jamaica –
“... provides excellent resource materials for CAPE students and educators alike, as they contain in-depth knowledge and great tips.”

“... the way the information is presented will allow for the information to be easily grasped.” [Teasha Levy-Manfred

Title Page
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Research and Examination Techniques
Chapter 1 Purpose, Sources and Principles of Research
Chapter 2 Research Practice: methods, application, analysis and presentation
Chapter 3 Examination Techniques
The Caribbean Region
Chapter 4 Location and Definition of the Caribbean
Chapter 5 The Historical Process
Chapter 6 Characteristics of Society and Culture
Chapter 7 Identity and Social Formation
Impacts on Caribbean Society
Chapter 8 Geographical Phenomena
Chapter 9 Societal Institutions
Chapter 10 Arts and Popular Culture
Chapter 11 Caribbean–Global Interactions
Issues in Caribbean Development
Chapter 12 Concepts and Indicators of Development
Chapter 13 Factors That Affect Development
Chapter 14 Globalisation and Development
Chapter 15 The Integration Movement
Chapter 16 Contributions of Sport to Development
Chapter 17 Intellectual Traditions
Chapter 18 Roles and Functions of the Mass Media
Chapter 19 Social Justice
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