Revised Edition of Poems

Revised Edition of Poems

By Bill o'th' Hoylus End
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Table of Contents
    • The Grand Old Man of Oakworth.
    • THOUGHTS SUGGESTED on hearing Dr. Dobie’s Lecture on Burns.
    • What Profits Me.
    • The Death of Gordon.
    • The Earl of Beaconsfield.
    • Come, Nivver Dee i’ Thi Shell.
    • Owd Betty’s Advice.
    • T’owd Blacksmith’s Advice ta hiz Son Ned.
    • Th’ Furst Pair o’ Briches.
    • O Welcome, Lovely Summer.
    • Burns’s Centenary.
    • Waiting for t’ Angels.
    • The Lass o’ Newsholme Dean.
    • The Broken Pitcher.
    • Ode to Sir Titus Salt.
    • Cowd az Leead.
    • The Factory Girl.
    • Bonny Lark.
    • Some of My Boyish Days.
    • Ode ta Spring Sixty-four.
    • Address ta t’ First Wesherwoman.
    • In a Pleasant Little Valley.
    • John o’f’ Bog an’ Keighley Feffy Goast: A TALE O’ POVERTY
    • In Memory of THOMAS IRELAND, Police Superintendent, Keighley. born 1831, died 1887.
    • A Yorkshireman’s Christmas.
    • Lines on the Late MR. THOMAS CRAVEN.
    • Gooise an’ Giblet Pie.
    • The Grand Old Man.
    • Ode to Bacchus.
    • Sall o’t’ Bog.
    • Song of the Months.
    • Bonnie Cliffe Castle.
    • Opening of Devonshire Park, september 4th, 1888.
    • Farewell to the REV. H. J. LONGSDON, Formerly Rector of Keighley.
    • He’s Thy Brother.
    • Lund’s Excursion to Windermere.
    • The Tartan Plaid.
    • The Pauper’s Box.
    • The Vale of Aire.
    • Fra Haworth ta Bradford.
    • The Veteran.
    • Address to the Queen, june 20th, 1887.
    • Ode to Burns on his 130th Birthday.
    • Trip to Malsis Hall.
    • The Bold Buchaneers.
    • The Benks o’ the Aire.
    • In Memory of J. W. PECKOVER, Died July 10th, 1888.
    • The Fugitive: A Tale of Kersmas Time.
    • The Feather’d Captive.
    • Dame Europe’s Lodging-House.
    • Charmin’ Rebecca o’ Riddlesden Hall.
    • The City of “So be I’s.” (a dream).
    • Shoo’s Deead an’ Goan.
    • Ode to an Herring.
    • The World’s Wheels.
    • English Church History.
    • The Old Hand-Wool-Combers:
    • T’ Village Harem-Skarem.
    • Come, Gi’ us a Wag o’ Thy Paw.
    • Full o’ Doubts and Fears.
    • Behold How the Rivers!
    • Our Poor Little Factory Girls.
    • Haworth Sharpness.
    • Dear Harden.
    • The Heroic Watchman of Calversyke Hill.
    • The English “Cricketeer.”
    • Christmas Day.
    • Wi’ Him I call my own.
    • It isn’t so wi’ Me.
    • A New Divorce.
    • The Vision.
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