Revised Edition of Poems
Bill o'th' Hoylus End
Revised Edition of Poems
The Grand Old Man of Oakworth.
THOUGHTS SUGGESTED on hearing Dr. Dobie’s Lecture on Burns.
What Profits Me.
The Death of Gordon.
The Earl of Beaconsfield.
Come, Nivver Dee i’ Thi Shell.
Owd Betty’s Advice.
T’owd Blacksmith’s Advice ta hiz Son Ned.
Th’ Furst Pair o’ Briches.
O Welcome, Lovely Summer.
Burns’s Centenary.
Waiting for t’ Angels.
The Lass o’ Newsholme Dean.
The Broken Pitcher.
Ode to Sir Titus Salt.
Cowd az Leead.
The Factory Girl.
Bonny Lark.
Some of My Boyish Days.
Ode ta Spring Sixty-four.
Address ta t’ First Wesherwoman.
In a Pleasant Little Valley.
John o’f’ Bog an’ Keighley Feffy Goast: A TALE O’ POVERTY
In Memory of THOMAS IRELAND, Police Superintendent, Keighley. born 1831, died 1887.
A Yorkshireman’s Christmas.
Lines on the Late MR. THOMAS CRAVEN.
Gooise an’ Giblet Pie.
The Grand Old Man.
Ode to Bacchus.
Sall o’t’ Bog.
Song of the Months.
Bonnie Cliffe Castle.
Opening of Devonshire Park, september 4th, 1888.
Farewell to the REV. H. J. LONGSDON, Formerly Rector of Keighley.
He’s Thy Brother.
Lund’s Excursion to Windermere.
The Tartan Plaid.
The Pauper’s Box.
The Vale of Aire.
Fra Haworth ta Bradford.
The Veteran.
Address to the Queen, june 20th, 1887.
Ode to Burns on his 130th Birthday.
Trip to Malsis Hall.
The Bold Buchaneers.
The Benks o’ the Aire.
In Memory of J. W. PECKOVER, Died July 10th, 1888.
The Fugitive: A Tale of Kersmas Time.
The Feather’d Captive.
Dame Europe’s Lodging-House.
Charmin’ Rebecca o’ Riddlesden Hall.
The City of “So be I’s.” (a dream).
Shoo’s Deead an’ Goan.
Ode to an Herring.
The World’s Wheels.
English Church History.
The Old Hand-Wool-Combers:
T’ Village Harem-Skarem.
Come, Gi’ us a Wag o’ Thy Paw.
Full o’ Doubts and Fears.
Behold How the Rivers!
Our Poor Little Factory Girls.
Haworth Sharpness.
Dear Harden.
The Heroic Watchman of Calversyke Hill.
The English “Cricketeer.”
Christmas Day.
Wi’ Him I call my own.
It isn’t so wi’ Me.
A New Divorce.
The Vision.
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