Hodder Education
Management and Administration T Level: Core
Sean Vertigan, Tess Bayley, Saundra Middleton
Education & Teaching
Management and Administration T Level: Core
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Written by expert teachers Tess Bayley, Saundra Middleton and Sean Vertigan, this clear, accessible and thorough textbook will guide you through the core content of Management and Administration.

- Track and strengthen your knowledge using learning outcomes at the beginning of every unit and Test Yourself questions throughout
- Improve your understanding of important terminology and key terms, plus contextualise your learning with case studies, reflection tasks and practice points to ensure you are set up for success
- Develop your professional skills with helpful tips
- Confidently prepare for your exams and the Employer Set Project using tips, assessment practice and model answers
- Build the functional skills you need to thrive in the industry with English and Maths exercises

Title Page
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Guide to the book
1 Business context
2 People
3 Quality and compliance
4 Finance
5 Policies and procedures
6 Project and change management
7 Business behaviours
Core Skill A Business and commercial awareness
Core Skill B Plan, manage and evaluate a project using appropriate tools and methodologies
Core Skill C Communication: using a range of communication methods tailored to the audience
Core Skill D Working collaboratively with others
Core Skill E Applying a logical approach to problem solving, identifying and resolving issues, recording progress and proposing solutions
Core Skill F Undertaking research
Core Skill G Reflective practice
Assessment About the exam and the Employer-set project
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