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My Revision Notes: Management and Administration T Level
Tess Bayley
My Revision Notes: Management and Administration T Level
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Unlock students' full potential with this revision guide that will guide them through the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the Management and Administration T Level core exams.

With My Revision Notes, students can:
- Plan their own revision and focus on the areas they need to revise with key content summaries and revision activities for every topic
- Understand key terms they will need for the exam with user-friendly definitions and a glossary
- Use the exam tips to clarify key points and avoid making typical mistakes
- Test themselves with end-of-topic questions and answers and tick off each topic as they complete it
- Get ready for the exam with tips on approaching the paper, and sample exam questions

Title Page
My revision planner
Element 1 Business context
1.1 Types of organisation and the environments in which they operate
1.2 How size, purpose and sector have an impact on organisations
1.3 The economic, social and environmental impacts of organisations
1.4 Legal entity types that organisations can form
1.5 Organisational objectives and strategies for achieving them
1.6 The different forms of governance in organisations
1.7 The main legislative and regulatory frameworks that apply to organisations
1.8 Different types of internal and external stakeholder and customer
1.9 Impacts of current and emerging digital technologies
1.10 Organisational culture and values
1.11 The different methods and channels through which organisations communicate
Element 2 People
2.1 The legislation which governs the employee lifecycle
2.2 The ways in which different types of organisation ensure that they have the right people to meet their business aims
2.3 The value and benefits of an equal, diverse and inclusive workforce to an organisation
2.4 The importance and impact of employee wellbeing and resilience in organisations
2.5 Different approaches to the way people are managed
2.6 Approaches used by organisations to ensure that individuals develop the skills they need to contribute effectively to the organisation and its changing needs
2.7 Teamworking and methods of working as part of a team
Element 3 Quality and compliance
3.1 The importance of maintaining and improving quality in all aspects of public and private sector organisations
3.2 How quality is measured in different sectors through quality standards
3.3 The role of regulatory bodies and inspections
Element 4 Finance
4.1 Common terms used in financial reporting
4.2 The role and purpose of financial reporting
4.3 Sources of finance for different types of organisation
4.4 Different forms of expenditure
4.5 How revenue and expenditure (including cash and profit) are tracked and controlled
Element 5 Policies and procedures
5.1 How organisations develop policies and procedures, and why
5.2 Establishing and monitoring Key Performance Indicators
Element 6 Project and change management
6.1 Drivers of organisational change
6.2 Reasons why organisations need to make continuous improvements and innovations
6.3 Common change management theories and models
6.4 Project management methodologies and approaches
6.5 Project management tools and approaches
6.6 How to support and improve projects through research, evidence and evaluation methods
Element 7 Business behaviours
7.1 The importance of good communication and adapting social communication styles to professional standards, according to purpose, medium and audience
7.2 The importance of self-management approaches
7.3 The importance of individuals adapting their behaviour to the expectations and policies of the organisation, including through compliance with codes of conduct and ethics
7.4 The importance of acting with integrity and building trust with stakeholders and colleagues
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