The Boy Tar
Mayne Reid
Literature & Fiction
The Boy Tar
Captain Mayne Reid
"The Boy Tar"
Chapter One.
My Boy Audience.
Chapter Two.
Saved by Swans.
Chapter Three.
The “Under-Tow.”
Chapter Four.
The Dinghy.
Chapter Five.
The Reef.
Chapter Six.
The Gulls.
Chapter Seven.
Search for a Sea-Urchin.
Chapter Eight.
Loss of the Dinghy.
Chapter Nine.
The Signal-Staff.
Chapter Ten.
Climbing a smooth Pole.
Chapter Eleven.
The Returning Tide.
Chapter Twelve.
Hugging the Staff.
Chapter Thirteen.
A State of “Suspense.”
Chapter Fourteen.
For Peru—To-morrow!
Chapter Fifteen.
Running Away.
Chapter Sixteen.
The Inca and her Crew.
Chapter Seventeen.
Not big enough.
Chapter Eighteen.
Stealing Aboard.
Chapter Nineteen.
Hurrah! We are off!
Chapter Twenty.
Chapter Twenty One.
Entombed Alive.
Chapter Twenty Two.
Chapter Twenty Three.
A sweet Sound.
Chapter Twenty Four.
Tapping the Butt.
Chapter Twenty Five.
The Vent-Peg.
Chapter Twenty Six.
The Biscuit-Box.
Chapter Twenty Seven.
A Cask of Brandy.
Chapter Twenty Eight.
Going on “Rations.”
Chapter Twenty Nine.
Gauging the Water-Cask.
Chapter Thirty.
My Measuring-Rule.
Chapter Thirty One.
“Quod Erat Faciendum.”
Chapter Thirty Two.
The Horror of Darkness.
Chapter Thirty Three.
The Storm.
Chapter Thirty Four.
A Novel Drinking-Cup.
Chapter Thirty Five.
Mysterious Disappearance.
Chapter Thirty Six.
An Ugly Intruder.
Chapter Thirty Seven.
Reflections on Rats.
Chapter Thirty Eight.
Oh! For a Steel Trap!
Chapter Thirty Nine.
A Swarm of Intruders.
Chapter Forty.
The Norway Rat.
Chapter Forty One.
Dream and Reality.
Chapter Forty Two.
A Sound Sleep at Last.
Chapter Forty Three.
Search after another Biscuit-Box.
Chapter Forty Four.
The Crumbs Secured.
Chapter Forty Five.
Another Bite.
Chapter Forty Six.
The Bale of Linen.
Chapter Forty Seven.
Chapter Forty Eight.
A Torrent of Brandy.
Chapter Forty Nine.
A new Danger.
Chapter Fifty.
Where was my Knife?
Chapter Fifty One.
A Grand Rat-Trap.
Chapter Fifty Two.
A Wholesale Take.
Chapter Fifty Three.
About Face!
Chapter Fifty Four.
Chapter Fifty Five.
The Luxury of Standing Erect.
Chapter Fifty Six.
Chapter Fifty Seven.
A very grand Obstacle.
Chapter Fifty Eight.
Turning the Piano.
Chapter Fifty Nine.
The Broken Blade.
Chapter Sixty.
A Triangular Chamber.
Chapter Sixty One.
A Milliner’s Box.
Chapter Sixty Two.
Half Suffocated.
Chapter Sixty Three.
Light and Life.
Chapter Sixty Four.
An Astonished Crew.
Chapter Sixty Five.
The Dénouement.
The End.
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