The Cliff Climbers A Sequel to "The Plant Hunters"
Mayne Reid
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The Cliff Climbers A Sequel to "The Plant Hunters"
Captain Mayne Reid
"The Cliff Climbers"
Chapter One.
The Himalayas.
Chapter Two.
A view from Chumulari.
Chapter Three.
The Plant-Hunter and his companions.
Chapter Four.
Home to the hut.
Chapter Five.
A midnight intruder.
Chapter Six.
A talk about elephants.
Chapter Seven.
Re-stocking the guns.
Chapter Eight.
Inspecting the cliffs.
Chapter Nine.
A reconnoissance interrupted.
Chapter Ten.
Ossaroo on the obelisk.
Chapter Eleven.
A wholesale tumble.
Chapter Twelve.
A ring performance.
Chapter Thirteen.
An odd appearance.
Chapter Fourteen.
A curious nest.
Chapter Fifteen.
The hornbill.
Chapter Sixteen.
A four-footed burglar.
Chapter Seventeen.
Fritz interferes.
Chapter Eighteen.
“Death to the rogue.”
Chapter Nineteen.
A home in ruins.
Chapter Twenty.
Up a tree again!
Chapter Twenty One.
An implacable besieger.
Chapter Twenty Two.
Drawing their drink.
Chapter Twenty Three.
A gigantic syringe.
Chapter Twenty Four.
Swallowed wholesale.
Chapter Twenty Five.
The deodar.
Chapter Twenty Six.
The scaling ladders.
Chapter Twenty Seven.
An empty larder.
Chapter Twenty Eight.
Going abroad for breakfast.
Chapter Twenty Nine.
Caspar on a stalk.
Chapter Thirty.
The double decoy.
Chapter Thirty One.
Chapter Thirty Two.
The ibex.
Chapter Thirty Three.
Goats and sheep.
Chapter Thirty Four.
A battle of bucks.
Chapter Thirty Five.
The Bearcoots.
Chapter Thirty Six.
A hope built upon the bearcoot.
Chapter Thirty Seven.
The log on the leg.
Chapter Thirty Eight.
Further experiments.
Chapter Thirty Nine.
The eagle’s escape.
Chapter Forty.
Fritz and the falcons.
Chapter Forty One.
Fritz offended.
Chapter Forty Two.
A Kite!
Chapter Forty Three.
The paper-tree.
Chapter Forty Four.
Flying the kite.
Chapter Forty Five.
The rope-ladder.
Chapter Forty Six.
Ossaroo makes a quick descent.
Chapter Forty Seven.
The escape of the kite.
Chapter Forty Eight.
No more paper-trees!
Chapter Forty Nine.
Chapter Fifty.
The skin balloon.
Chapter Fifty One.
Making ready for the ascent.
Chapter Fifty Two.
Inflation and failure.
Chapter Fifty Three.
Another spell of despair.
Chapter Fifty Four.
The bean of Pythagoras.
Chapter Fifty Five.
An aquatic harvest.
Chapter Fifty Six.
The adjutants.
Chapter Fifty Seven.
Chapter Fifty Eight.
Fritz among the feathers.
Chapter Fifty Nine.
Capturing the storks.
Chapter Sixty.
A labelled leg.
Chapter Sixty One.
Mail-carriers on wings.
Chapter Sixty Two.
The End.
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