The Wild Huntress: Love in the Wilderness
Mayne Reid
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The Wild Huntress: Love in the Wilderness
Captain Mayne Reid
"The Wild Huntress"
Chapter One.
The Squatter’s Clearing.
Chapter Two.
Marian and Lilian.
Chapter Three.
The Lovers’ Rendezvous.
Chapter Four.
The Catastrophe of a Kiss.
Chapter Five.
Squatter and Saint.
Chapter Six.
An Apostolic Effort.
Chapter Seven.
The Mormon’s Demand.
Chapter Eight.
A splendid Pension.
Chapter Nine.
Friendly Advice.
Chapter Ten.
A Classic Land.
Chapter Eleven.
The “Jackson Hotel.”
Chapter Twelve.
Colonel Kipp.
Chapter Thirteen.
Through the Forest.
Chapter Fourteen.
Chapter Fifteen.
Making a Clean Breast of it.
Chapter Sixteen.
A Predicament in Prospect.
Chapter Seventeen.
The Indian Summer.
Chapter Eighteen.
A Backwoods Venus.
Chapter Nineteen.
A Series of Contre-Temps.
Chapter Twenty.
Sweet and Bitter.
Chapter Twenty One.
A Rude Response.
Chapter Twenty Two.
A Rough Reception.
Chapter Twenty Three.
A Duel without Seconds.
Chapter Twenty Four.
Waiting the Word.
Chapter Twenty Five.
The Duel Delayed.
Chapter Twenty Six.
The Peacemaker.
Chapter Twenty Seven.
Chapter Twenty Eight.
An Errand of Love.
Chapter Twenty Nine.
A red-skinned Sibyl.
Chapter Thirty.
A Storm without and within.
Chapter Thirty One.
A virgin Heart in Cipher.
Chapter Thirty Two.
A Word about Mormon Monsters.
Chapter Thirty Three.
Another Duel determined on.
Chapter Thirty Four.
A Departure in a “Dug-Out.”
Chapter Thirty Five.
A dangerous Sweetheart.
Chapter Thirty Six.
The Horologe of the Dead Horse.
Chapter Thirty Seven.
A Lookout from aloft.
Chapter Thirty Eight.
The white Fog.
Chapter Thirty Nine.
The promised Epistle.
Chapter Forty.
The Caravan.
Chapter Forty One.
An un-prairie-like Apparition.
Chapter Forty Two.
A Foot of thirteen Inches.
Chapter Forty Three.
Tracking the Trundle.
Chapter Forty Four.
A Brace of “Old Sojers.”
Chapter Forty Five.
The Barrow in Debate.
Chapter Forty Six.
A Tough Story.
Chapter Forty Seven.
The Mountain Parks.
Chapter Forty Eight.
The abandoned Bouquet.
Chapter Forty Nine.
An Unexpected Appearance.
Chapter Fifty.
Up the Cañon.
Chapter Fifty One.
The Orphan Butte.
Chapter Fifty Two.
Raising a Rampart.
Chapter Fifty Three.
The War-Cry.
Chapter Fifty Four.
The Red-Hand.
Chapter Fifty Five.
An ill-timed Shot.
Chapter Fifty Six.
Attempt to stampede.
Chapter Fifty Seven.
Our Weak Point.
Chapter Fifty Eight.
A Rampart on Wheels.
Chapter Fifty Nine.
The Assault.
Chapter Sixty.
A Captive on a Crucifix.
Chapter Sixty One.
The Mysterious Circle.
Chapter Sixty Two.
A Savage Artist.
Chapter Sixty Three.
A Pitiless Pastime.
Chapter Sixty Four.
A Hundred Deaths.
Chapter Sixty Five.
A Sharp Shot.
Chapter Sixty Six.
The Chase and the Syncope.
Chapter Sixty Seven.
Passed by the Pursuit.
Chapter Sixty Eight.
The Track of the Mocassin.
Chapter Sixty Nine.
A Rival Stalker.
Chapter Seventy.
The Wild Huntress.
Chapter Seventy One.
A queer Conversation.
Chapter Seventy Two.
Chapter Seventy Three.
Chapter Seventy Four.
A Beautiful Hostess.
Chapter Seventy Five.
Effecting the Surround.
Chapter Seventy Six.
The History of the Huntress.
Chapter Seventy Seven.
The Surprise.
Chapter Seventy Eight.
The Charge.
Chapter Seventy Nine.
Tragic and Comic.
Chapter Eighty.
Spiritual Wives.
Chapter Eighty One.
The Death-Song.
Chapter Eighty Two.
Chapter Eighty Three.
Old Memories awakened.
Chapter Eighty Four.
Playing Confessor.
Chapter Eighty Five.
Further Reflections.
Chapter Eighty Six.
A true Tigress.
Chapter Eighty Seven.
Suspicious Appearances.
Chapter Eighty Eight.
A fresh Éclaircissement.
Chapter Eighty Nine.
Planning an Abduction.
Chapter Ninety.
Protector and Protégée.
Chapter Ninety One.
The Night-Camp.
Chapter Ninety Two.
Gabriella Gonzales.
Chapter Ninety Three.
A Bloody Bridal.
Chapter Ninety Four.
A rough Drag.
Chapter Ninety Five.
Assuming the Disguise.
Chapter Ninety Six.
The Mormon Train.
Chapter Ninety Seven.
The Corralled Camp.
Chapter Ninety Eight.
Beauty Embrowned.
Chapter Ninety Nine.
The Yellow Duenna.
Chapter One Hundred.
A Sister’s Appeal.
Chapter One Hundred One.
A Caravan Ball.
Chapter One Hundred Two.
To Horse and away.
Chapter One Hundred Three.
Seeking a Cache.
Chapter One Hundred Four.
Un Paraiso.
Chapter One Hundred Five.
An unexpected Defection.
The End.
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