Gaspar the Gaucho: A Story of the Gran Chaco
Mayne Reid
Literature & Fiction
Gaspar the Gaucho: A Story of the Gran Chaco
Captain Mayne Reid
"Gaspar the Gaucho"
Chapter One.
The Gran Chaco.
Chapter Two.
Paraguay’s despot.
Chapter Three.
The Hunter-Naturalist.
Chapter Four.
His Nearest Neighbours.
Chapter Five.
A Deserted Village.
Chapter Six.
An Old Enemy in a New Place.
Chapter Seven.
Valdez the “Vaqueano.”
Chapter Eight.
A Compact between Scoundrels.
Chapter Nine.
A Red-Handed Ruffian.
Chapter Ten.
Gaspar, the Gaucho.
Chapter Eleven.
A Silent Fellow-Traveller.
Chapter Twelve.
Skulking Back.
Chapter Thirteen.
A Party not to be pursued.
Chapter Fourteen.
Why come they not?
Chapter Fifteen.
A Tedious Journey.
Chapter Sixteen.
Chapter Seventeen.
On the Trail.
Chapter Eighteen.
Who rode the Shod Horse?
Chapter Nineteen.
The “Lost Ball.”
Chapter Twenty.
Obstructed by a “Biscachera.”
Chapter Twenty One.
A Shoulder out of Joint.
Chapter Twenty Two.
The Barometer-Tree.
Chapter Twenty Three.
The Captive Train.
Chapter Twenty Four.
Caught in a Dust-Storm.
Chapter Twenty Five.
A Rush for Shelter.
Chapter Twenty Six.
An Unwelcome Intruder.
Chapter Twenty Seven.
Between Torrent and Tiger.
Chapter Twenty Eight.
Saved by a Spitting-Devil.
Chapter Twenty Nine.
A Rock-bound Sleeping Room.
Chapter Thirty.
The “Sacred Town.”
Chapter Thirty One.
Taste after Powder.
Chapter Thirty Two.
Stopped by a “Riacho.”
Chapter Thirty Three.
A Fish Dinner at Second-Hand.
Chapter Thirty Four.
Attacked by Gymnoti.
Chapter Thirty Five.
Under the Carob Trees.
Chapter Thirty Six.
A Chat about Electric Eels.
Chapter Thirty Seven.
Nothing for Breakfast.
Chapter Thirty Eight.
A Counterfeit Crane.
Chapter Thirty Nine.
The Avestruz.
Chapter Forty.
On the Salitral.
Chapter Forty One.
Travelling Tandem.
Chapter Forty Two.
Picking up Pearls.
Chapter Forty Three.
In the Sacred Town.
Chapter Forty Four.
An Indian Belle.
Chapter Forty Five.
An Elevated Graveyard.
Chapter Forty Six.
A Dead Man Identified.
Chapter Forty Seven.
Gaspar Despondent.
Chapter Forty Eight.
Breaking bad News.
Chapter Forty Nine.
Gaspar means Masquerading.
Chapter Fifty.
A Midnight Promenader.
Chapter Fifty One.
A Dispenser of Spells.
Chapter Fifty Two.
A Friend Unexpected.
Chapter Fifty Three.
A Deluded Jailer.
Chapter Fifty Four.
An Unlooked-for Deliverer.
Chapter Fifty Five.
An Unlucky Tumble.
Chapter Fifty Six.
An Infuriated Female.
Chapter Fifty Seven.
The Captive Recaptured.
Chapter Fifty Eight.
Va Con Dios.
Chapter Fifty Nine.
Friends or Foes?
Chapter Sixty.
Speedy Retribution.
Chapter Sixty One.
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