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Information Technology for Secondary School
Dr. Oneil Duncan
Computers & Technology
Information Technology for Secondary School
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For the students preparing for CSEC Information Technology, this text is an invaluable resource. It is aligned with the curriculum of the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) and provides a solid basis in Information Technology for students in grades 7-9 and for any aged student who aspires to have a better understanding of concepts in the subject. Information Technology for Secondary Schools Grades 7-9 shares basic knowledge and progresses to advanced concepts while satisfying both the practical and theoretical components of
the curriculum.

Some key features are:
• Detailed table of contents
• Step-by-step instructions to accomplish tasks
• Content progression: Basics, Intermediate and Advanced
• Unit lesson objectives
• Extensive information on topics
• Real life application for problem solving
• End of unit highlights
• End of unit questions and activities
• Glossary of terms

Title Page
Copyright Page
Course Units
Table of Contents
Unit 1 - Keyboarding, Mouse skills and Graphics Management
Unit 2 - Computer Software
Unit 3 - File Management
Unit 4 - History of Computers
Unit 5 - Computer Hardware: Input, Output, Storage Devices and the Processor
Unit 6 - Perform Research
Unit 7 - Data Communication
Unit 8 - Ethics
Unit 9a - Definition of a Problem
Unit 9b - Intermediate Problem Solving
Unit 9c - Advanced Problem Solving
Unit 10a - Introduction to Word Processing
Unit 10b - Intermediate Word processing
Unit 11a - Basic Spreadsheet
Unit 11b - Intermediate Spreadsheet
Unit 12a - Introduction to Database Management
Unit 12b - Intermediate Database Management
Unit 13a - Destop Publishing and Multimedia Management
Unit 13b - Using Presentation Software
Unit 13c - Multimedia Management
Appendix A - Glossary of IT Terms
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