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Information Technology for CSEC Examinations (Revised Edition)
Dr. O'Neil Duncan
Education & Teaching
Information Technology for CSEC Examinations (Revised Edition)
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Information Technology for CSEC Examinations ‘Revised Edition’ is a robust compilation of
Information Technology content as prescribed by the Caribbean Examination Council for examination effective 2020. Emphasis is placed on application of
knowledge, problem-solving and proficiency in
using productivity tools. Tasks are designed to foster self-confidence, innovation and critical thinking to cultivate students suited to meet the region's need and ultimately the needs of the global

The book is divided into eight sections mirroring the CSEC syllabus:
1. Computer Fundamentals and Information Processing
2. Computer Networks and Web Technologies
3. Social and Economic Impact of Information and Communications Technology
4. Word Processing, Presentation and Web Page Design
5. Spreadsheets
6. Database Management
7. Problem Solving and Program Design
8. Program Implementation
Information Technology for CSEC Examinations is a great teaching and learning tool equipped with progressive content, tips and key vocabularies.

Title Page
Copyright Page
Table of Contents
SECTION 1 - Computer Fundamentals & Information Processing
Basic components of a computer
Types of Computer Systems
The Computer Machine Cycle & The Central Processing Unit
Components of the Central Processing Unit (CPU)
A Little Computer Mathematics
Converting Decimal Numbers to Binary Numbers
Storage Devices and Media
Task 1
Secondary Storage Devices and their Characteristics
Terms Associated with Storage & Retrieval of Data from Secondary Storage Media
Cloud Storage and Local Storage
Task 2
Task 3
Input Devices and Media
Task 4
Operating Systems
Information Processing
Methods of Data Capture
Summary of Important Terms
SECTION 2 - Computer Networks & Web Technologies
Basic Types of Networks
General Components of a LAN
LAN Topology
Wide Area Network (WAN)
Network Transmission
Communication Media
Half Duplex
Full Duplex
Terms Associated with Computer Networks
SECTION 3 - Social and Economic Impact of Information and Communication Technology
Data Integrity
Use of Information
Information Systems & Managers
Securing Data and Information
Misuse of Data and Information
Rights and Laws
Appropriate Hardware and Software
Current and Technological Trends
Impact of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Roles of Personnel in I.T Related Professions
Summary of Emerging Technologies
Terms You Need to Know
SECTION 4 - Wordprocessing, Presentation and Web Design
Bullets and Numbering
Find and Replace
Working with the Pages Tab
Document Setup
Mail Merge
Word Controls
Web Page Design
SECTION 5 - Speadsheets
Uses of Spreadsheets
Entering Data
The Number Menu
Conditional Formatting
Working with Charts
Task 1
Functions and Formulae
Task 2
Excel Controls
SECTION  6 - Database Management
Database Mangement System Software
Setting up a Database
Working with Tables
Searching for a Specific Record
Adding, Editing and Deleting Records
Advanced Filters
More Complex Queries
Working with Forms
Tables and Relationships
Working with Reports
Importing Data
SECTION 7 - Problem Solving and Program Design
Steps in Problem Solving
Basic Elements of an Algorithm
Task 4
Programming Worksheets
Task 1
Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Loop Structures
Task 4
Task 5
Flow Charts
SECTION 8 -Program Implementation
What is a program?
Programming Langauge Generations
Steps in Implementing a Program
Programming in Pascal
Vriables and Constants
Using Intercation in Coding
Conditional Branching
Trace Tables
Terms You Need to Know
Program Documentation
Pascal Error Codes
Task 1
Appendix A: Glossary of ICT Terms
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