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Oxford AQA History: A Level and AS Component 1: Tsarist and Communist Russia 1855-1964
Sally Waller
Oxford AQA History: A Level and AS Component 1: Tsarist and Communist Russia 1855-1964
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Retaining well-loved features from the previous editions, Tsarist and Communist Russia has been approved by AQA and matched to the 2015 specifications. This textbook covers AS and A Level content together and covers in breadth issues of change, continuity, and cause and consequence in this period of Russian history through key themes such as how Russia was governed, the extent of social change, and how important were ideologies. Its aim is to enable students to understand and make connections between the six key thematic questions covered in the specification. Students can further develop vital skills such as historical interpretations and source analyses via specially selected sources and extracts. Practice questions and study tips provide additional support to help familiarize students with the new exam style questions, and help them achieve their best in the exam.

Front Cover
Title Page
Introduction to features
AQA History specification overview
Introduction to the Oxford AQA History series
Introduction to this book
Part One: Autocracy, reform and revolution: Russia 1855–1917
Section 1: Trying to preserve autocracy, 1855–1894
1 The Russian autocracy in 1855
2 Alexander II, the ‘Tsar Reformer’
3 The autocracy of Alexander II and Alexander III
4 Political authority in action
5 The growth of opposition to tsarist rule
6 Economic and social developments
Section 3: The emergence of Communist dictatorship, 1917–1941
13 New leaders and ideologies
14 The Communist dictatorship
15 Economic developments
16 Leninist/Stalinist Society
17 Communist control and Terror
18 The Soviet Union by 1941
Section 2: The collapse of autocracy, 1894–1917
7 Nicholas II and the challenge to autocracy
8 The economic development of Russia to 1914
9 Social developments to 1914
10 Opposition: ideas and ideologies
11 Political authority, opposition and the state of Russia in wartime
12 The establishment of Bolshevik government
Part Two: The Soviet Union, 1917–1964
Section 4: The Stalinist dictatorship and reaction, 1941–1964
19 Stalinism in wartime
20 Political authority 1945–53
21 Khrushchev and reaction to Stalinism, 1953–64
22 Economic and social developments
23 Opposition and the fall of Khrushchev
24 The Soviet Union by 1964
Back Cover
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