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Oxford AQA History: A Level and AS Component 2: The Transformation of China 1936-1997
Sally Waller, Robert Whitfield
Oxford AQA History: A Level and AS Component 2: The Transformation of China 1936-1997
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Retaining well-loved features from the previous editions,The Transformation of China 1936-1997 has been approved by AQA and matched to the new 2015 specification.This textbook explores in-depth the reasons for and the maintenance of communist rule in China, and the transformation of China into a modern state. It focuses on key ideas such as Maoism, mass mobilisation, economic control and ideological change, and covers events and developments with precision. Students can further develop vital skills such as historical interpretations and source analyses via specially selected sources and extracts. Practice questions and study tips provide additional support to help familiarise students with the new exam style questions, and help them achieve their best in the exam.

Front Cover
Title Page
Introduction to features
AQA History specification overview
Introduction to the Oxford AQA History series
Introduction to this book
Part One The emergence of the People’s Republic of China, 1936–1962
1 The origins of the Civil War, 1936–1946
1 The condition of China in 1936
2 The Chinese Communist Party
3 The Sino–Japanese War, 1937–1945
4 From war to Civil War in China, 1945–1946
2 Communist victory and the consolidation of Mao’s rule, 1946–1952
5 Communist victory in the Civil War,1946–1949
6 The People’s Republic of China
7 The consolidation of power, 1949–1952
8 The international position of the People’s Republic of China
3 The transition to socialism,1952–1962
9 The political development of the PRC
10 The economic development of the PRC,1952–1962
11 Social developments, 1952–1962
12 Foreign affairs, 1952–1962
Part Two The People’s Republic of China: Economic growthand the transformation of the state, 1962–1997
4 Reform and control, 1962–1966
13 Leadership in the PRC
14 Economic developments, 1962–1966
15 Social change in China
16 International relations, 1962–1966
5 The Cultural Revolution, 1966–1976
17 The origins of the Cultural Revolution
18 The development of the Cultural Revolution, 1966–1976
19 The impact of the Cultural Revolution,1966–1976
20 Foreign affairs, 1966–1976
6 The PRC under Deng Xiaoping,1976–1997
21 Political developments in the post-Mao era,1976–1981
22 Economic developments, 1976–1997
23 Political developments, 1982–1997
24 China as a global power; foreign policy 1976–1997
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