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Nancy Parker's Diary of Detection
Julia Lee
Nancy Parker's Diary of Detection
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On this day 24th June 1920 I turned fourteen. I plan to have a very exciting future now that I have thrown off the SHACKLES of SCHOOL! A detective is what I would most like to be. I cannot think of any reason why I could not be one. Except perhaps I am too young. And I don't like blood. Nancy Parker has recently been engaged in her first position - as a housemaid for the very modern Mrs Bryce. It's not Nancy's dream job (she'd rather be investigating crimes like they
do in her beloved six-penny thrillers) but as Mrs Bryce starts to entertain her new neighbours with lavish parties, it becomes clear that something strange and interesting might be afoot. Local burglaries, a cook with a deep, dark secret - and Mrs Bryce's own glamorous but murky past. Will Nancy
solve the mysteries while still keeping on top of her chores? A hilarious and energetic middle-grade mystery, narrated part in the third person and part through Nancy's journal.

1 The Future
2 Daggers Drawn
3 The Early Bird Catches the Worm
4 Worst Fears
5 I Begin My Career
6 All Mod Cons
7 More Lessons Learnt
8 A Constable Calls
9 Trouble
10 My Burglar Theory
11 Anthropology
12 Food for Thought
13 Looking for a Connection
14 My Theory About Cook
15 Psychology
16 Good and Bad
17 Discoveries
18 Not Too Extreme
19 Communication
20 Marius
21 Nothing But Work
22 Two Good Things
23 Made My Day
24 Loot
25 Money Matters
26 The Valiant
27 Murder, That’s What!
28 The Rosebud Bag
29 Wagging Tongues
30 Not P****** at All
31 Jumble
32 Enemy Flag
33 Little Black Book
34 Professor Otter Accepts an Invitation
35 Lettie & Little May
36 Something Big in the Movie Business
37 The Shacks
38 Husband No. 3?
39 Inside Business
40 Diagnosis Boredom
41 Midnight Mermaid
42 Scrambled
43 Vanished Dreams
44 A Modern Girl
45 Advice from an Expert
46 Ella’s Instincts
47 A Funny Feeling
48 Lavinia Otter’s Window
49 The Very Worst
50 Midnight Feast
51 A Proper Plan
52 Enemy Territory
53 Red Herrings
54 Top Secret
55 Getting Away
56 Proof
57 The Bicycle Dash
58 The Most Momentous Day
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