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Nancy Parker's Chilling Conclusions
Julia Lee
Nancy Parker's Chilling Conclusions
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Maidservants, Mystery, and Murder! Everyone's favourite housemaid-detective is back! Nancy has a new job as a ladies' maid, and is accompanying her new employer on a visit to the grand and mysterious Midwinter Manor. The house is full of guests, and with each one eccentric and intriguing in their own way, it's set to be an interesting few days. But things turn from interesting to downright deadly when Nancy discovers a dead body in the library. A funny and energetic middle-grade mystery, narrated part in the third person and part through Nancy's illustrated journal. Perfect for fans of Murder Most Unladylike and The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow.

1 Bumping into Miss Lamb
2 Sherlock Holmes’s Dressing Gown
3 In the Ladies’ Waiting Room
4 So Far So Good
5 Other Children
6 A Game of Marbles
7 Servants’ Hall
8 Poor Miss Lamb
9 Preparations
10 Claustrophobia
11 The Body in the Library
12 Miss Kettle’s Eyrie
13 Old Hat
14 A Head Full of Questions
15 Haven’t Slept a Wink
16 A Strange Silence
17 Miss Lamb and Miss Lopez
18 As Guilty as a Murderer
19 Accused
20 Secret Meeting
21 Real & here & now
22 One Lady’s Maid to Another
23 Overheard
24 The Red Room
25 The Item in Question
26 Scared
27 Something Fishy
28 The Case Of The Stolen Papers
29 Jigsaw Puzzle
30 Being Methodical
31 A Student of Human Nature
32 Miss Lamb’s Account
33 A List
34 All Utterly Cracked
35 The English Spirit
36 Truce
37 Unsuitable Habits
38 My Latest Theory
39 A New Side to Miss Lamb
40 All Dressed Up
41 Amateur Housemaiding
42 Quentin the Inventor
43 Intruder-Ess
44 The Famous Lily Lopez
45 Not What she Seems
46 Breakfast with a Princess
47 Mixed Up
48 inching Nearer the Truth
49 The Long Gallery
50 In the Gaping Maw
51 Teams
52 Sophie’s Suitcase
53 All Gone Wrong!
54 Camomile Tea
55 Quentin’s Word
56 Not My Boss
57 BlabberMouths
58 Feverish
59 A Good Liar
60 Charades—Phooey!
61 From Bad to Worse
62 The Crypt
63 Demons of Hell
64 Which Might Explain
65 Drowned Rat
66 Completed Inquiries
A Note on Midwinter Manor
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