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Nancy Parker's Spooky Speculations
Julia Lee
Nancy Parker's Spooky Speculations
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Maidservants, Mystery, and Murder! Everyone's favourite housemaid-detective is back! Now Nancy has a new job working at Oxcoombe Grange. It's great except for one thing - Nancy is convinced the house is haunted! Ella Otter, now a reluctant pupil at nearby Seabourne Grammar School for Girls, demands a scientific investigation. Together, Nancy and Ella set out to do some spooky snooping, and to uncover the mysteries of the Grange's cellars. But in doing so they make a few enemies, discover a few surprising secrets, and put themselves into a little more danger than they were bargaining for . . . A funny and energetic middle-grade mystery, narrated part in the third person and part through Nancy's illustrated journal. Perfect for fans of Murder Most Unladylike and The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow.

1 A New Chapter
2 The Word of the Day
3 Oxcoombe Grange
4 ’You’ve got to Expect Noises’
5 A Bit Like Noah’s Ark
6 In a Scientific Way
7 Something Wrong
8 A Funny Lot
9 I Intend to Keep Notes
10 Anything you need in a Book
11 In the Middle of the Night
12 Like a Ghost Myself
13 Truculent Child
14 Getting Organized
15 Hiding from the Bogeyman
16 The Shanto Boys
17 Good Hunting
18 Just like Goldilocks
19 As Good as a Mouldy Cabbage
20 Shantos Everywhere
21 Trustworthy
22 Footsteps
23 Miss Dearing gets a Letter
24 Questions from Lady Pouncey
25 Being Discreet
26 For the Right Motives
27 Dawn Vigil
28 Half-Holiday
29 Logical Explanation No. 1
30 Ogscome
31 Standoffish
32 Most Talkative
33 Apparition
34 Girls & Education
35 Donkeys Out!
36 Dangerous Driving
37 Canine Powers
38 Down Below
39 Even Spookier
40 Fair Play
41 Suspicious
42 Line of Inquiry
43 Backstairs Research
44 Madame Arcana
45 A Single Light
46 Desperate Types
47 A Sort-of Plan
48 Admiring the View
49 Miss Dearing goes Motoring
50 Eggs & Bacon
51 my Discovery
52 Escaped
53 Where it Leads
54 The Evidence
55 Lying in Wait
56 Low Tide
57 First Aid
58 The Cave
59 Surveying the Ruins
60 Mad Panic
61 Miss Dearings Idea
62 A Blind Eye
63 The Grey Lady
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