West Indies Accounts: Essays on the History of the British Caribbean and the Atlantic Economy

West Indies Accounts: Essays on the History of the British Caribbean and the Atlantic Economy

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"Collection of essays written by former students, colleagues, and friends to honor a preeminent economic historian of the Caribbean. Covering period 1650-1850, essays encompass a broad range of topics, with major focus on various aspects of slavery and imperial relations during those years. Excellent introductory essay on Sheridan's contributions to Caribbean economic history. Extremely useful"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 58.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Richard Sheridan: Published Works
  • 1 Richard B. Sheridan: The Making of a Caribbean Economic Historian
  • 2 The Capture of the Blue Dove, 1664: Policy, Profits and Protection in Early English Jamaica
  • 3 The Taylor Manuscript and Seventeenth-Century Jamaica
  • 4 English Quaker Merchants and War at Sea, 1689-1783
  • 5 Edward Trelawny's "Grand Elixir": Metropolitan Weakness and Constitutional Reform in the Mid-Eighteenth-Century British Empire
  • 6 Botanical and Horticultural Enterprise in Eighteenth-Century Jamaica
  • 7 The West India Interest and the Crisis of American Independence
  • 8 The United States and the British West Indian Trade, 1783-1807
  • 9 Property Rights in Pleasure: The Marketing of Slave Women's Sexuality in the West Indies
  • 10 The Story of Two Jamaican Slaves: Sarah Affir and Robert McAlpine of Mesopotamia Estate
  • 11 Patterns of Exchange within a Plantation Economy: Jamaica at the Time of Emancipation
  • 12 Planter Profits and Slave Rewards: Amelioration Reconsidered
  • 13 Abolition and Emancipation: Williams, Drescher and the Continuing Debate
  • 14 The Ambivalencies of Independency: The Transition out of Slavery in the Bahamas, c. 1800-1850
  • 15 The Land and Labour Problem at the Time of the Legal Emancipation of the British West Indian Slaves
  • 16 Urban Crime and Social Control in St. Vincent during the Apprenticeship
  • 17 "Repression is not a policy": Sydney Olivier on the West Indies and Africa
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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