When Me Was a Boy

When Me Was a Boy

By Hyatt Charles
US$ 9.99
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Book Description

What was it like to be a small boy growing up in Kingston, Jamaica in the 1930s? The author presents his boyhood, and in his own voice talked about it in his radio programme When Me Was a Boy. He brings his school days to life: the tramcar and horse-and-buggy days when cars were few and far between and taking a walk was a social occasion.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
    • Tramcar
    • My bed-wetting dream
    • My Christmus letter
    • Jointing the cane
    • A friendly fight
    • Names and nicknames
    • Eating well at school
    • Fresh bread feast
    • Pubity and purity
    • Puppy love
    • My biggest regret
    • Midsummer washout
    • A taste of country
    • My foot fault
    • Changing teeth
    • A smashing trim
    • Boy Scouts
    • Scout Jamboree
    • Street Corner – the film
    • A little monkeyshines
    • Christmus disaster
    • The Christmus spirit
    • My winnings
    • A singing gig
    • A game of marbles
    • My feathered friend
    • A child's pet
    • Digging songs
    • Slim and Sam
    • Tall in the saddle
    • My first bicycle
    • Rainy days
    • Reaping from what you sew
    • No luck with gun
    • Disagreeable mango
    • Hope Gardens
    • Sunday special
    • My smart cousin
    • The good, the bad and the onlooker
    • Bird bush
    • A country lesson in Catadupa
    • My clay pidgin has a wooden leg
    • Princess Rose
    • Charley McCarthy
    • Battlin' Johnny
    • Contrasts
    • Joe Lous
    • Miss Bourne
    • AB's fineral
    • Convent fire
    • Busta's day
    • Coronation
    • Emancipation Day
    • Granpa
    • An ode to Capo O'Brien
    • Movies in Cross Roads
    • 'Long-grain rice' – local product
    • Chiney shoppin'
    • The herbalist in the market
    • East Queen Street
    • Bournemouth Club
    • The first robots
    • When towns were pens
    • Horse bus
    • Gas lamp pony
    • Nuff respec'
    • Style and fashion – at the seaside
    • The Sab hair cut
    • Long pants and brassieres
    • Women's work
    • Miss Cubba
    • Refridgeration
    • Suck-suck
    • The last tram ride
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