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Blockchain: Real-World Applications And Understanding
Wayne Walker
Business & Money
Blockchain: Real-World Applications And Understanding
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You have heard the term blockchain, but what is it really? Based on the content from his Executive Blockchain course you can learn what is taught to executives, consultants, leaders, attorneys, marketing specialists, educators, etc. around the world to understand and apply blockchain concepts for real-world use. This the most up-to-date executive blockchain book on the market.

Wayne consults as an Associate Expert at the Nordic Blockchain Association in Copenhagen.

Table of Contents
Blockchain: Real-World Applications And Understanding
Chapter 1: What is Blockchain?
Chapter 2: Do You Need Blockchain?
Chapter 3: Investment in Blockchain by Sectors
Chapter 4: Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)
Chapter 5: Smart Contracts
Chapter 6: Smart Contracts: The “Undo” Rule
Chapter 7: What is an ICO?
Chapter 8: Token Evolution
Chapter 9: ICO Ratings, Can You Trust Them?
Chapter 10: What is Next for Blockchains?
Chapter 11: Blockchain First Aid Kit
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