Getting That First Job or Intership in Finance

Getting That First Job or Intership in Finance

By Wayne Walker
US$ 2.99
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Book Description

If you dream of entering finance as a trader, wealth manager, sales pro, analyst, etc., but unsure of how to do it? Wayne explains why you may be the best candidate in the world, but that doesn't matter if you don't have this one thing. In this book he shows you how to get it.

If you are serious, then learn from someone who has been on all sides of the job table, as an employee, Regional Manager (responsible for hiring investment bankers), entrepreneur and finance career coach. Wayne shares knowledge gained from working globally in finance from New York City, London, Scandinavia, Latin America, China, and the Middle East.

He will take you from where you are and guide you with unique and insider content to help you secure that first job or internship. It is as if Wayne is there with you. His advice has been proven to help thousands of students to secure their first Jobs in the world of finance.

Table of Contents
  • Getting That First Job or Internship In Finance
  • Introduction: Why this book?
  • We begin by getting to the point
  • Getting this network on campus
  • Finance career paths & the impact of technology
  • Resume or CV?
  • The interview
  • Some notes on phone or online interviews
  • The job offer
  • Negotiating the salary
  • Making the most of the internship or student job
  • The first job after graduation
  • The social scene
  • The GCMS Finance Assessment Exercise
  • Finance candidate interview questions
  • Resources
  • Conclusion
  • Profile of The Author
  • The GCMS assessment answer sheet
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