TypeScript Deep Dive

TypeScript Deep Dive

By Basarat Ali Syed
Book Description

The definitive guide to TypeScript. Dive into all the details that a JavaScript developer needs to know to be a great TypeScript developer.

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Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Gettting Started
    • Why TypeScript
  • Future JavaScript Now
    • Classes
      • Classes Emit
      • Classes Super
    • Arrow Functions
    • Rest Parameters
    • let
    • const
    • Destructuring
    • for...of
    • Template Strings
    • Spread Operator
    • Enums
  • Project
    • Compilation Context
      • tsconfig.json
    • Declaration Spaces
    • Modules
      • File Module Details
      • globals.d.ts
    • Namespaces
  • TypeScript's Type System
    • JS Migration Guide
    • Ambient Declarations
      • Declaration Files
      • Variables
      • Interfaces
    • `lib.d.ts`
    • Type Assertion
    • Freshness
  • NodeJS
  • JSX
  • TIPs
    • Quick Object Return
    • String Based Enums
    • Nominal Typing
    • Stateful Functions
  • TypeScript Compiler Internals
    • Program
    • AST
      • TIP: Visit Children
      • TIP: SyntaxKind enum
      • Trivia
    • Scanner
    • Parser
      • Parser Functions
    • Binder
      • Binder Functions
      • Binder Declarations
      • Binder Container
      • Binder SymbolTable
      • Binder Error Reporting
    • Checker
      • Checker Diagnostics
      • Checker Error Reporting
    • Emitter
      • Emitter Functions
      • Emitter SourceMaps
    • Contributing
  • Glossary
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