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IB Prepared: Mathematics analysis and approaches ebook
Ed Kemp, Paul Belcher
Education & Teaching
IB Prepared: Mathematics analysis and approaches ebook
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IB Prepared resources are developed directly with the IB to provide the most up-to-date, authentic and authoritative guidance on DP assessment. IB Prepared: Mathematics analysis and approaches combines a concise review of course content with strategic guidance, past paper material and exam-style practice opportunities, allowing learners to consolidate the knowledge and skills that are essential to success.

1 Number and algebra
1.1 Number representation, proof and the binomial theorem
1.2 Arithmetic and geometric sequences and series
1.3 Exponentials and logarithms
1.4 Algebra (HL)
1.5 Complex numbers
End-of-chapter practice questions
2 Functions
2.1 Straight lines
2.2 The concept of a function
2.3 Quadratic, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions
2.4 Transformation of graphs
2.5 Functions (HL)
End-of-chapter practice questions
3 Geometry and trigonometry
3.1 Volume and surface area of 3D solids and right-angled triangle trigonometry
3.2 Trigonometry ratios
3.3 Trigonometric identities and equations
3.4 Trigonometric functions
3.5 Vectors in two and three dimensions (HL)
End-of-chapter practice questions
4 Statistics and probability
4.1 Descriptive statistics
4.2 Correlation and regression
4.3 Probability
End-of-chapter practice questions
5 Calculus
5.1 Differentiation
5.2 Integration
5.3 Kinematics
5.4 Additional differentiation and integration (HL)
End-of-chapter practice questions
Internal assessment: an exploration
Practice exam papers
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