Afloat in the Forest; Or, A Voyage among the Tree-Tops
Mayne Reid
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Afloat in the Forest; Or, A Voyage among the Tree-Tops
Captain Mayne Reid
"Afloat in the Forest"
"A Voyage among the Tree-Tops"
Chapter One.
The Brothers at Home.
Chapter Two.
The Brothers Abroad.
Chapter Three.
The Galatea.
Chapter Four.
Drifting with the Current.
Chapter Five.
The Galatea Aground.
Chapter Six.
The Monkey-Pots.
Chapter Seven.
The Gapo.
Chapter Eight.
The Echente.
Chapter Nine.
An Impassable Barrier.
Chapter Ten.
A Tropical Tornado.
Chapter Eleven.
The Galatea Treed.
Chapter Twelve.
A Dangerous Ducking.
Chapter Thirteen.
A Consultation in the Tree-Top.
Chapter Fourteen.
A Fracas Heard from Afar.
Chapter Fifteen.
The Jararáca.
Chapter Sixteen.
Hold On!
Chapter Seventeen.
The Paroquet.
Chapter Eighteen.
The Lliana Unloosed.
Chapter Nineteen.
Serpent Fascination.
Chapter Twenty.
The Water Arcade.
Chapter Twenty One.
The Syringe-Tree.
Chapter Twenty Two.
A Battle with Birds.
Chapter Twenty Three.
A Contest with Cudgels.
Chapter Twenty Four.
Chased by a Jacaré.
Chapter Twenty Five.
A Saurian Digression.
Chapter Twenty Six.
Treed by an Alligator.
Chapter Twenty Seven.
An Aqua-Arboreal Journey.
Chapter Twenty Eight.
A Timely Warning.
Chapter Twenty Nine.
Improvised Swimming-Belts.
Chapter Thirty.
Alligator Lore.
Chapter Thirty One.
A Hide upon a Reptile.
Chapter Thirty Two.
Taking to the Water.
Chapter Thirty Three.
A Half-Choked Swimmer.
Chapter Thirty Four.
A Supper of Broiled Squab.
Chapter Thirty Five.
Once More in the Water.
Chapter Thirty Six.
The Igarápe.
Chapter Thirty Seven.
About Humming-Birds.
Chapter Thirty Eight.
A Cul-de-Sac.
Chapter Thirty Nine.
The Brazil-Nuts.
Chapter Forty.
A Travelling Party of Guaribas.
Chapter Forty One.
The Monkey Mother.
Chapter Forty Two.
The Mundurucú Discourses of Monkeys.
Chapter Forty Three.
Two Slumberers Ducked.
Chapter Forty Four.
Open Water.
Chapter Forty Five.
The Jacanas.
Chapter Forty Six.
A Companion Left Behind.
Chapter Forty Seven.
The Guide Abandoned.
Chapter Forty Eight.
Round and Round.
Chapter Forty Nine.
Going by Guess.
Chapter Fifty.
Guided by a Shadow.
Chapter Fifty One.
Around the Edge.
Chapter Fifty Two.
The Massaranduba.
Chapter Fifty Three.
A Vegetable Cow.
Chapter Fifty Four.
A Milk Supper.
Chapter Fifty Five.
Only a Dead-Wood.
Chapter Fifty Six.
The Sterculiads.
Chapter Fifty Seven.
Chased by Tocandeiras.
Chapter Fifty Eight.
A Log that Wouldn’t Roll.
Chapter Fifty Nine.
Drowning the Tocandeiras: Five Men in a Fever.
Chapter Sixty.
The Festival of the Tocandeiras.
Chapter Sixty One.
Amazonian Ants.
Chapter Sixty Two.
The Ants Still Excited.
Chapter Sixty Three.
The Tamandua: The Ant-Thrush.
Chapter Sixty Four.
Ant-Eaters—Biped and Quadruped.
Chapter Sixty Five.
The Chase of the Tamandua.
Chapter Sixty Six.
Roast Ant-Eater.
Chapter Sixty Seven.
The Juarouá.
Chapter Sixty Eight.
A Fish-Cow at Pasture.
Chapter Sixty Nine.
The Pashuba Spear.
Chapter Seventy.
Curing the Fish-Cow.
Chapter Seventy One.
A Sail of Skin.
Chapter Seventy Two.
Chapter Seventy Three.
The Piranhas.
Chapter Seventy Four.
A Stowaway.
Chapter Seventy Five.
The Spirit of the Waters.
Chapter Seventy Six.
An Unexpected Escape.
Chapter Seventy Seven.
History of the Anaconda.
Chapter Seventy Eight.
A Snake “Yarn.”
Chapter Seventy Nine.
Saint Patrick’s Performance.
Chapter Eighty.
Lights Ahead.
Chapter Eighty One.
An Aerial Village.
Chapter Eighty Two.
A Slow Retreat: in the Arcade.
Chapter Eighty Three.
Following the Float.
Chapter Eighty Four.
A Cannibal Captured.
Chapter Eighty Five.
A Day Spent in Shadow.
Chapter Eighty Six.
The Cry of the Jaguar.
Chapter Eighty Seven.
The Moon Put Out.
Chapter Eighty Eight.
An Hour of Suspense.
Chapter Eighty Nine.
Scuttling the Canoes.
Chapter Ninety.
The Log Left Behind.
Chapter Ninety One.
The Enemy in Sight.
Chapter Ninety Two.
The Chase.
Chapter Ninety Three.
The End.
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