The Hunters' Feast: Conversations Around the Camp Fire
Mayne Reid
Literature & Fiction
The Hunters' Feast: Conversations Around the Camp Fire
Captain Mayne Reid
"The Hunters' Feast"
Chapter One.
A Hunting Party.
Chapter Two.
The Camp and Camp-Fire.
Chapter Three.
Besançon’s adventure in the swamps.
Chapter Four.
The Passenger-Pigeons.
Chapter Five.
Hunt with a Howitzer.
Chapter Six.
Killing a Cougar.
Chapter Seven.
The Cougar.
Chapter Eight.
Old Ike’s Adventure.
Chapter Nine.
The Musquash.
Chapter Ten.
A Rat-Hunt.
Chapter Eleven.
Musquitoes and their Antidote.
Chapter Twelve.
The ’Coon, and his Habits.
Chapter Thirteen.
A ’Coon-Chase.
Chapter Fourteen.
Wild Hogs of the Woods.
Chapter Fifteen.
Treed by Peccaries.
Chapter Sixteen.
A Duck-Shooting Adventure.
Chapter Seventeen.
Hunting the Vicuña.
Chapter Eighteen.
A Chacu of Vicuñas.
Chapter Nineteen.
Chapter Twenty.
Treeing a Bear.
Chapter Twenty One.
The Black Bear of America.
Chapter Twenty Two.
The Trapper Trapped.
Chapter Twenty Three.
The American Deer.
Chapter Twenty Four.
Deer Hunt in a “Dug-Out.”
Chapter Twenty Five.
Old Ike and the Grizzly.
Chapter Twenty Six.
A Battle with Grizzly Bears.
Chapter Twenty Seven.
The Swans of America.
Chapter Twenty Eight.
Hunting the Moose.
Chapter Twenty Nine.
The Prairie-Wolf and Wolf-Killer.
Chapter Thirty.
Hunting the Tapir.
Chapter Thirty One.
The Buffaloes at last.
Chapter Thirty Two.
The Bison.
Chapter Thirty Three.
Trailing the Buffalo.
Chapter Thirty Four.
Approaching the Buffalo.
Chapter Thirty Five.
Unexpected Guests.
Chapter Thirty Six.
A Supper of Wolf-Mutton.
Chapter Thirty Seven.
Hare Hunting and Cricket Driving.
Chapter Thirty Eight.
A Grand Battue.
Chapter Thirty Nine.
The Route Home.
The End.
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